Paper Mache Bowls

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Paper Mache Bowls

Make a colorful gift at home!

As a kid, paper mache was my absolute favorite craft! I loved that I got to tear paper and get my fingers all sticky. I thought it was time to introduce my daughter to this craft and we spent an afternoon making some bowls to gift to our friends.

Cover a flexible plastic bowl with torn strips of wet newspaper or old magazine sheets. For the next layer, instead of dipping the torn paper in water, dip in a mixture of water and white glue. Cover the entire bowl with at least 4 or 5 layers of paper. Let dry.

Wet Paper on Bowl

Using the Seal of Approval Medium Squeeze punch, punch shapes from various patterned papers. This punch is smaller in size and kids can easily do the punching.

Punch Patterned Paper using the Fiskars Seal of Approval Squeeze Punch

Moisten punched paper pieces with the water and white glue mixture, and adhere to form the top and final layer on our bowl. Cover the entire bowl. Let dry thoroughly. Once dried, slide the paper bowl off of the plastic bowl.

Add punched paper shapes to bowl and moisten with glue and water mixture

For a quicker finish, cover the outside of the bowl with various colors of washi tape instead. My daughter did this to her bowl and loved the way it looked. Paint a layer of glue/water mixture on top of the washi layer and let dry.

Adding washi tape to the outside of the bowl

To finish off the bowls, paint the inside of the bowl a nice bright color.

Inside the paper mache bowl

Supply List

Plastic Bowl

Newspaper or Old Magazines


White Glue

Sticky Tape