Thanksgiving “Gobble, Gobble” Mix

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble Mix

Crafting thoughtful homemade gifts to share with those you’re thankful for this holiday season doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming.

If making homemade mix isn’t your thing, you can substitute with any bag of store-bought munchies and skip right to crafting some turkeys to adorn your jar.

mix up some store bought munchies

First, prepare your “gobble, gobble” mix. If you’re making your own batch of munchies, I recommend using the original Chex mix recipe found here on their website. I use the oven preparation version. Otherwise, you’ll need a 15oz. bag of the store-bought version. Place your party mix in a medium bowl and add nuts, peanut butter flavored candies (such as Reece’s Pieces) and candy corn. The measurements aren’t exact, but 1 cup of each should be sufficient.  Sometimes I’ll even add a cup or two of Honey Nut Cheerios.  

a decorated jar with mix

After mixing so the candy pieces are distributed evenly, you can fill your jars.  One batch will fill 3 quart-sized canning jars.  I prefer to use wide-mouthed jars making it easier for your recipient to snack from.  Add the seal and tighten the rim before tying on extra wide lace ribbon.

Using the Fuse Creativity System cut out leaves

To create your turkey embellishment for the front of the jar, you’ll need to use your Fuse Creativity System along with Medium Design Set 0108 to create some letterpressed leaves using brown ink on cardstock. Clip the stems off of the leaves, and then overlap them as shown to create the base for the turkey’s fan of feathers.

using fiskars tools to create embellishments

Run a variety of paper scraps through your Paper Crimper, then punch using your Oval ‘N Oval Squeeze Punch. You’ll need a total of 5. If you need color inspiration, you might find Pantone’s Fall 2012 Fashion Color Report to be a helpful guide.

making your turkey embellishment

Use glue dots to adhere the 5 punched ovals to the back of the layered leaves.

Creating the turkey head

Hand-cut a turkey head from light brown cardstock. You’ll notice the head resembles the shape of a wooden kitchen spoon.  Add character to the turkey by cutting a beak, waddle and adding blush to the cheeks and eyes with marker. Define the outline of the turkey by inking the edges with dark brown ink. Embellish the neck with a single strand of brown baker’s twine tied into a bow.

adding the turkey head to the body

Adhere turkey head to feather fan using dimensional foam adhesive. Then adhere to the front of the canning jar using glue dots.

stamping your sentiment

Stamp “happy thanksgiving” from the Holiday Hooplah Repositionable Stamp Set onto cardstock using a coordinating color of ink. Then adhere to canning jar below your feathered friend.

Completed Thanksgiving Gobble Mix

I hope you enjoying gifting your friends and family with some homemade “gobble, gobble” mix! We here at Fiskars are wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!  

Supply List

Various Cardstock
Brown Ink
Brown Baker’s Twine
Glue Dots
Ultra Fine Sharpie
Blush Marker
Glue dots
Dimensional Foam Tape
Quart-sized Canning Jars with Seals/Rings
Chex Cereals
Seasoned Salt
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Worchestershire Sauce
Candy Corn
Reese’s Pieces Candies