Timeless Tissue Paper Flowers

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Tissue Paper Flowers

These tissue paper flowers take nimble fingers to create, but they’re lovely and so inexpensive to make - they’re worth the work!  

You can craft a few blooms to fill May Day baskets, or a whole bouquet to give to Mom on Mother’s Day. Everyone will be thrilled with this gift of handcrafted beauty. 

I used three different Fuse Creativity System® dies to create these designs, but if you have more than these styles in your stash, I encourage you to try some other dies and invent your own blooms. Try combining several shapes and colors! 

Sometimes, the best part of the crafting process is thinking of what you can do next. While creating this project, all I could I think about was possibilities for future blooms! I hope the same happens for you!

Tissue Paper Flowers in a Gift bag

Cut a section from your tissue paper ream, and sandwich it between your flower die and cutting plate. Run it through your Fuse, and punch out your shapes. Select a second color of tissue, and do the same.

Stack twenty or so tissue flower shapes together so to the petals are offset. Mix the colors as you go.

Paper flowers cut with the Fiskars FUSE creativity system

 Join the layers with a couple of staples.

Layer the flowers and staple

 Pinch the center of the flower to fold the petals forward.

Pinch the center of the flowers

 Twist a pipe cleaner around the “pinch” to secure the bloom.

Add pipe cleaner to secure the flower

 For the next style, cut a section of tissue from your paper ream.

Cutting section of tissue paper using Fiskars amplify shears

Place it on top of the die, so a folded edge covers only the left third of the die. Place the cutting plate on top, and crank it through the Fuse.

Cut the layers with the Fiskars FUSE creativity system

 Unfold the tissue, and you’ll have a petal shape.

Fold over the layers of the tissue paper

Take one of the petals, and pinch it between your index finger and thumb. Pick up a second, pinch it, place it next to the petal you’re holding. Keep pinching and adding petals - work your way around the bloom until you’ve built a full flower.    

Wrap flower with pipe cleaner

 Wrap the point where you’ve been pinching with pipe cleaner to secure the bloom. Next, use the “Mirror” die to cut a stack of petals.

Cutting the tissue paper with the Fiskars FUSE creativity system

 Assemble the flower just like you did with the previous bloom, adding one petal at a time and finishing it off with a pipe cleaner. The scalloped edges of the mirror make a nice ruffled bloom, similar to a Peony.

Joining the layers with staples

 Fill a vase, basket, or even a colorful paper gift bag with your blooms.

Finished bouquet
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