Upcycling: Flips Flops into Ankle-Tie Sandals

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Transform Flips Flops into Ankle Tie Sandals

Flip flops have their time and place, but these ankle-tie sandals are easy to make and create a stunning look!

1. Use your 6” Amplify® Mixed Media Shears to remove the plastic straps from a pair of flip flops.

Remove straps

2. Rip three fabric strips for each sandal measuring approx  1.5” x 35”. Ripping the fabric instead of cutting produces a casual, frayed-edge. Tie the 3 lengths of fabric together with a knot at one end. I added some leather cording to the 3 strips of fabric, for added interest.

knotting fabric

3. Thread the fabric and leather cord through the hole at the toe end of the flip flops. You may find it helpful to use a pair of tweezers to ease the fabric through.


4. Cut two lengths of thick leather cord using your Amplify® Shears measuring approx 6”.

cutting leather cord

Double them over and thread the two ends through the remaining holes in the flip flops. Tie together tightly on the underside of the shoe, creating a loop on the topside.

tie leather

5. Braid 2” of the fabric together.


6. Thread the ends of the fabric through the leather loops you just created.

fabric through loops

7. Use a low heat glue gun (you don’t want to melt the flip flops!) to secure the fabric knot and leather cording in place on the underside of the shoe.

Supply List

Flip flops


Leather cord

Glue gun