Wine and Coasters Hostess Gift

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Wine and Coasters Hostess Gift

Whip up quick and easy hostess gifts using the Fuse Creativity System®!

Branded Wood Gift Tag


Run thin balsa wood through the Fuse using the Scalloped Circle Design Set and “thank you” letterpress plate. Ink the letterpress plate with brown stamping ink to create the look of heat branding in less than a minute.

Hostess Gift Sweater-Wine-Bag-Demo

Create a last-minute gift bag using an old sweater sleeve. Turn the sleeve inside-out and insert wine bottle to desired height. Gather the bottom tightly and secure with string. Remove wine bottle, trim off excess and turn right-side out.

Hostess Gift DIY-Felt-and-Cork-Coasters

Felt and Cork Coaster Set
Using the same Scalloped Circle Design Set, run felt and thin cork through the Fuse.

Hostess Gift Coaster-Demo

Using white glue, adhere the felt onto cork for a super quick and easy coaster gift set.

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Twine or string