Felt Photo Frame

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Felt Frame

I love up scaling old items that I find and frames are always on the top of my list. I love that with a few supplies you can change the whole look of a frame!

Here I am up scaling an old baby blue frame by covering it with two different colors of felt. The Amplify Scissors are perfect choice to cut thick felt easily and neatly.

Felt Photo Frame step1

I adhered the felt onto the frame using rubber cement, but any strong adhesive should work. Once the adhesive had dried, I cut a notch in the center and carefully folded the center inside and adhered that in place.

Felt Photo Frame step2

To decorate the frame, I made some bright flowers. I used two fabrics here: plain old cotton and some old t-shirt fabric. The fabrics cut and fray differently, which makes the flower look fuller. I then added color to the fabrics using some ink daubers (you could use paint instead) and cut our rough circles using the Amplify® scissors.

Felt Photo Frame step3

To make the leaves, I cut out leaf shapes from cork sheets and then added metal tips to them. I finished them off with some glitter ribbon centers.

Felt Photo Frame step4

Supply List




Metal sheets



Photo frame