Easy Thankgiving Decor: Gratitude Tree

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Thankful Tree Tags

Create an interactive table centerpiece for all your guests.


1. First you’ll need to go on the hunt for several tree branches. The size you gather will depend upon how large you want your centerpiece to be. I recommend cutting branches that are still alive instead of using dead, fallen branches. The dead branches tend to be more brittle and can be difficult to work with if you’re not careful.

2. Tape the branches together at the bottom using black electrical tape.

3. Using a vase, layer the bottom with a small number of river rocks, insert your branches, and then fill the vase around the branches with more river rock until the vase is 2/3 full. Add a small amount of Spanish moss or reindeer moss on top of the river rock.

4. Hot glue silk leaves in random places on the branches.


5. Punch several tags from a neutral cardstock using the XX Large Tag Lever Punch. Punch the same number of tags from various patterned papers using the same punch.

6. Adhere a cardstock tag to the backside of your patterned paper tag and punch a small hole in the top using the 1/16” hand held circle punch.


7. Next, punch several leaves from various shades of cardstock, then punch a hold just above the stem using the 1/16” hand held circle punch. These leaves become way more fun if you use a variety of cardstock such as shimmered, glittered, embossed, textured, etc.


8. Using bakers twine or ribbon, attach a single leaf to each tag using a slipknot. If you like a little bling, add a small rhinestone jewel sticker to the corner of each tag.


To start your tree off with a little decoration before the holiday, you can use leftover phrase stickers to acknowledge some of the more broad spectrum things the whole family is thankful for, such as: love, health, friends, home, laughter, memories, etc. The visual reminder of these tags hanging in the days leading up to the holiday will get the conversation started and the family thinking about what kinds of more specific things they are thankful for.


9. Place the blank tags in a basket along with several pens or markers. ass the basket among the family members and ask them to fill out a tag or two (or three) with something they are thankful for, then tie them on the tree.


10. Lastly, add a little embellishment to the front of the vase to make it a bit more festive. This can range anywhere from stickers to chipboard to silk flowers or just a simple wide ribbon.

Supply List



Patterned Paper




Silk leaves

River stones

Spanish Moss