Mixed Media Magnetic Memo Board

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Magnetic Memo board

Here’s a pretty and practical way to display memos, reminders or photographs. 

As a way to celebrate National Craft Month in March, we’re focusing on mixed media. To keep with this theme, here’s a project incorporating all sorts of materials and techniques – it’s a Mixed Media Magnetic Memo Board.  It’s practical and cute and can be displayed anywhere in the house, office, or classroom.   

To begin, spread a sheet of parchment paper on your work surface to protect it. Lay your chipboard on the parchment, and coat it generously with PVA, Mod Podge, or similar glue using a sponge brush. Lay a piece of linen on top of the glue-coated chipboard and smooth it out with your hands. Flatten any creases or bubbles.  Apply a coat of glue on the fabric surface, smooth out again, and allow it to dry. 




Once dry, flip it over, coat the backside of the chipboard, apply a second piece of linen to the back, smooth and coat with glue. Set aside to dry.

Use your Fuse Creativity System to cut out a frame, a bird and a few flowers from the sandwiched linen and chipboard.


Fuse Die Frame


Stamp a few flowers on each bird, frame or flower using the Asian-Inspired Clear Stamps and an embossing ink pad.

Dust the inked areas with embossing power. Tap the inked pieces to knock off any excess embossing powder. Heat the inked/powdered areas using an embossing gun. Be careful not to burn your fingers!  


Fuse die Frame cutout with embossing powder


Once the pieces have cooled, color in the flower petals with gouache or watercolor paints and a small brush. Set aside to dry.


Painted bird and frame fuse die cutouts


Stamp a few floral motifs in the corners of a metal tray. Dust the inked area with embossing powder, remove the excess powder and heat the inked areas with an embossing gun. If necessary, hold your tray with a hot pad to protect your fingers. The metal warms fast.


Magnetic memo board


 Use hot glue to attach magnets to the back of your frame, birds, and flowers.


Fuse die bird cutout with magnet


 Brush a thin layer of watered-down glue to the top and edges of the magnets to protect the linen.


Painted magnets



Supply List

Metal Tray

Embossing powder

Embossing inkpad

Embossing heat gun



Parchment paper

PVA, Mod Podge, or similar paper glue

2-inch foam brush

Gouache or watercolors

Small paintbrush

Hot glue gun and glue sticks