Yarn Globes

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Yarn Globes

Yarn Globes are a super easy and very economical way to add color to any room’s décor.

With just a few simple supplies and after a few days of dry time you’ll be able to add some fun flair to that corner of a room needing just a little more oomph! These can be hung from the ceiling or displayed in a decorative bowl. They also look great hanging along with paper lanterns for a fun twist on party décor.

Inflated Balloons

First, you need to inflate one balloon for each yarn globe you wish to make.  The easiest size to work with are 4” or 5” balloons, but if you’re looking for a challenge you can use 9”, 12” or even blow up an extra large punch balloon. When you inflate your balloons, it’s easiest if you overinflate them beyond the size you need then slowly release air until you see a nice round shape in the size that you desire. Then, tie off the balloon.

Cover your work surface with a plastic table cover. Pour glue into a disposable shallow food storage container. You need to add one part water to three parts glue. Mix with a plastic spoon until all water is distributed evenly. Depending on the type of glue you are using you may need to add more water. You want a thinned down, non-sticky glue mixture, but not watery.

Cut several two yard lengths of yarn. Place one piece in your glue making sure to hold onto one of the ends so it doesn’t get lost. Use your other hand to press the yarn down into the glue so it gets completely saturated. Pull the yarn up out of the glue sliding it between two fingers to remove the excess glue. 

Hold one end against the balloon and wrap the entire length of the yarn around the balloon forming a web of yarn. Repeat with each strand of yarn. Once you have the balloon covered, go back and tuck the loose ends of each strand in so they dry nicely.

Cut a long strand of yarn and knot it several times around the knotted portion of the balloon. Tie the other end around a shower curtain rod or tack it to the ceiling and let it dangle until dry. A warmer room where you have an even temperature and little humidity is best. Dry time will take anywhere from 24 - 48 hours.

Deflating Balloon In Yarn Globe

Once dry, use the pointed tip of your scissors or your fingertip tweezers to push the balloon away from the stiffened yarn. Poke a hole near the bottom of the balloon and allow it to deflate slowly. As it deflates, the balloon will pull away from the stiffened yarn and you’ll be left with a yarn globe. Use your tweezers to pick away any webs of dried glue that remain in the open spaces of your yarn globe.

If you want them to have a fun shimmery quality, you can add some fine glitter to the glue/water mixture before dipping each piece of yarn.  

Supply List



Elmer’s Glue


Plastic Spoon

Shallow Disposable Food Service Container

Plastic Table Cover