DIY Mixed Media Feather Earrings

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


DIY Gold and Bold Feather Earrings

Bright, bold, and gold are currently in, so why not create some fun and trendy earrings to brighten up an outfit?

These are simple and easy to make, even for the first time jewelry maker.

Using an air dry clay and some paint, along with the feather punch, you can create dangle earrings that make statement.

Here is how to put this project together.

Using a non-stick craft mat, roll out a small amount of clay paper thin and let it sit for several hours as it starts to dry.

Punched-feather-clay-earrings steps 1-4

Once it is almost completely dry, grab your punch and carefully punch your feathers.  

Carefully punch your feathers

Next punch a small hole at the top of the feather.

Next punch a small hole at the top of the feather

Let them finish drying – be sure to follow package directions. Dry time can be a few hours to a full day, so be prepared for a lot of downtime in between the first few steps.

Once they are completely dry, add base colors of acrylic paint. I went with a red/orange shade and pink.

Next add in some gold to the bottom half. This might take a couple of coats.

Punched-feather-clay-earrings painting

Once the paint is dry, add a couple of jump rings and your earring loop and you are all set. These were pre-made findings that made putting these together a snap.


Now, where is the party? I have some fun earrings to break in!

Supply List

Airdry Clay

Acrylic Paint

Fish Hook Ear Wires