Mixed Media Scrapbooking Challenge

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout

By challenging yourself to use three or more mediums, you can begin to create beautiful mixed-media scrapbooking projects.

I am usually a fairly simple scrapbooker. I like clean lines and basic embellishments. I want the focus to be on my photo, while highlighting my artistic side through paper and glue. Mixed-media projects are created by using two or more mediums throughout an artistic project. Recently, I have found a love for using a few different mediums and techniques on my scrapbooking layouts. And for National Craft Month, I decided to challenge myself my using multiple mediums in one of my scrapbook layouts!


Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout

If you also like quick and simple layouts, challenge yourself to add other mediums such as inks, paint, wire, and fabric to create artistic dimension in your layouts. On this layout, I challenged myself to use several mediums including ink pad, paint, fabric, wire, and ink spray.


Closeup of scrapbook detail widget with feather


Here is how to assemble this layout in a few quick and easy steps:

1. Using a mask and spray ink, lay a mask on patterned paper and spray in a side to side motion. Pick up the mask carefully and turn over; lay the mask face down so the excess ink can stamp onto the patterned paper.

2. Select a piece of decorative chipboard and a Fuse letterpress plate. Apply ink to the plate and place the chipboard, then the cutting plate, on top of letterpress plates. Carefully run through the Fuse Creativity System with one pass. Paint chipboard with gold paint.


Fuse butterfly letter plate


3. Thread your needle with about one yard of thread and make a basting stitch about ¼” from the edge of the silk ribbon. (HINT:A basting stitch is a straight stitch going in and out of the fabric in the same pattern.) When you have reached the end of the white fabric strip, gather both ends to the center and tie the ends tight together to form a rosette. Trim ribbon if needed. Add a large button, or several buttons to create the flower center.


Needle and thread with ribbon on cutting mat


4. Now layer all of your elements together onto your layout with a photo or photos. Add embellishments and journaling as desired.


Finished mixed meida layout


By challenging yourself to try new mixed media techniques, your scrapbooking layouts will become beautiful works of art. What medium will you try on your next scrapbooking project?


Supply List

Patterned paper, mask, spray ink, ink pad, glimmered gold paint, pleated ribbon, needle, thread, buttons, chipboard elements, letter stickers, wire floral pieces,  resin frame embellishment.