Rainbow Crayon Party Favors

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Puzzle-Shaped Rainbow Crayons

If you browse Pinterest for party ideas for any length of time, you’ll notice that rainbow-themed parties are quite popular these days.

These homemade crayons, upcycled from all the broken crayons in your children’s’ crayon box, will make the perfect favors for a rainbow-themed party. But really, this is one of those craft projects that can be made to chase away the rainy-day blues, or even made to tuck inside an Easter basket, a road trip busy box, or even as a stocking stuffer. They are sure to be a hit no matter the occasion.
The materials needed are quite simple: broken crayons, silicone baking molds, detail knife and a cutting mat.

Start out by sorting through the crayon box and gather all the broken ones in a dish (you can buy a new box of crayons if you don't have broken ones). This is best done with all the same brand of crayon since some contain a higher content of wax/paraffin. The "cheap" crayons tend to separate color from paraffin and all the paraffin rises to the top leaving a transparent film on top.


Broken Crayons


Use your heavy-duty detail knife to make a vertical slice through the layer of paper to make the task of peeling it off much easier. Pile the peeled ones into a new container so you can watch your unpeeled pile dwindle and your peeled pile multiply. If you have a ton to unpeel you’ll love the visual of seeing the progress you’ve made.


Pile of Chopped Crayons


Use your heavy-duty detail knife to cut the crayons into pieces approximately ¼” long. You can do this right on your craft mat; just know that you’ll have a bit of a mess to clean up.  The magic erasers work beautifully for clean-up. If you aren’t into messes on your craft mat, I recommend purchasing a cutting board from the dollar store to devote only for crafting.


Crayons in Silicone Molds


Place your chopped up crayons into mini-muffin tins or shaped silicone molds making sure your crayons are level with the pain OR below. Do not pile them higher than level with the top surface or they will ooze everywhere, including the bottom of your oven.  Also keep in mind that your silicone mold will no longer be safe for food consumption after making crayons in them as they will leave a residue.  If you want shaped crayons, but not necessarily rainbow, you can place broken bits of like colors in each cavity as shown with the fish mold.


Crayons out of Molds


Place the tins/molds onto a cookie sheet and heat for 15 minutes at 200 degrees. Remove to cooling rack and allow to cool until they've set back up—usually about an hour or two. Then, pop the whole tray in the freezer for 15 minutes. This will allow them to pull away from the edge of the pan and when you flip them over they fall right out. NO MESS!


Cellophane Bag with Basket Filler


Place a small handful of shredded basket filler in the bottom of a small cellophane treat bag before placing your crayons inside.


Gift Tags


Use a combination of squeeze and lever punches to create small tags to tie onto the gift bags. You can customize these for the recipient or party occasion.  These tags were made using the XXLarge Tag Lever Punch as the base. Then a cloud was punched using the Large Cloud Squeeze Punch and attached to the tag with a brad.  It was finished off with a ‘thank you’ sentiment stamp from the Thank You Blooms stamp set stamped in a coordinating color of ink, then adorned with a strip of washi tape along the bottom and a small adhesive-backed rhinestone.


Scissors and Ribbon


Use a hand circle punch to create the small hole in the top of your tag. Then use your Micro-tip scissors to cut your ribbon at an angle to create a point that will thread through your hand-punched hole.  Use the ribbon to tie the cellophane treat bag closed making sure to thread the tag onto the ribbon before looping it into a bow.


Favor Bags in a Row


Now you have one less thing to worry about and can spend the rest of your time (and money) on other fun party planning details!

Supply List

Broken Crayons
Silicone Molds
Mini-Muffin Tin
Oven Mitt
Cookie Sheet
Cooling Rack
Cellophane Treat Bags
Shredded Basket Filler
Washi Tape
Adhesive-Backed Rhinestone
Magic Eraser