Recycled Organization Boxes

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Recycled Organization Boxes

Easy, eco-friendly way to keep things organized!

I love organizing my craft supplies, and one of my favorite things to do is to make my own little boxes or containers. It’s a fun way to reuse things that we already have at home and repurpose them.
Cut pieces of cardboard from used boxes using the Amplify® Mixed Media 8 inch shears. These scissors are perfect for this task and you will find that they cut these sturdy boxes down very easily.

Cut boxes using the Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Scissors

Using the Amplify Mixed Media 8 inch shears, trim the cardboard to the size you need. Trim four pieces to form the sides of the box and one for the base. Adhere these pieces of cardboard together  using some sticky tape to form a box like shape.

dhere these pieces of cardboard together temporarily using some sticky tape to form a box like shape.

Tear strips of newspaper or old magazine sheets. Dip these pieces in water quickly and then adhere them onto the box using some basic white glue. Cover the entire surface of the box, inside and out with the wet paper. Let dry.

Paper mache strips of paper onto the box

Repeat the above step a couple of times, until the box has about 4 to 5 layers of paper on it. Let it dry thoroughly. This is a great craft to do with a friend or kid.

Paper mache along with a friend

Once dried, use these boxes to hold your favorite craft supplies! For the smaller box here, I pierced tiny holes on the sides (while the paper was still wet). I threaded the twine through these holes and now my spools won’t be all tangled again!

Supply List

Old Cardboard Boxes


Old Magazines

White Glue

Sticky Tape