Butterflies and Flowers Mixed Media Canvas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Butterflies and Flowers Mixed Media Canvas

Create a bright and cheery canvas to add to any room in your house.

I love nothing more than creating and playing with paints and gessos on a canvas covered by old book pages.  I save a lot of books from the garbage to repurpose them into art.  I decided for this project that I want to add in another layer of dimension, however, by adding butterflies in the fields that look like they will fly right off of the canvas.

1. Using your decopauge, begin adhering the pages to the canvas.  Put a thick layer of decopauge under the paper and then seal it in, doing this with each and every piece added so that they will all stick together and create the base of the piece.

DIY-Butterfly-Canvas-adhereing pages to canvas

2. Once the piece is dry, trim the edges with your scissors.

3. Add in gesso to create flower bases and clouds.


4. Let the gesso dry.

5. Once the gesso is dry, add in blue and green paint around the gessoed items.  By using an acrylic paint, you can thin it out with some water and create more of a wash than a thick layer of paint.  This allows the book pages to shine through.


6. Next, go in and add paint to the flowers and add stems as well.

DIY-Butterfly-Canvas-add paint to the flowers

7. Punch out tens of butterflies from the coordinating papers.

8. Decopauge one layer of butterflies down.

DIY-Butterfly-Canvas-decoupage butterflies to canvas

9. Using a Sharpie, add in simple and messy lines for extra texture.  This is not meant to be perfect – just simple and a highlight.

DIY-Butterfly-Canvas-using a sharpie to add texture

10. Go in and add the second layer of butterflies by adding glue only to the center body of the butterfly and folding up the wings to add dimension.

DIY-Butterfly-Canvas-add second layer of butterflies

Now that your piece is complete, let it all dry completely while flat prior to hanging – about a full day just to be sure the glue and decopauge are all completely dry and nothing runs down.
It is a bright and cheerfully fun piece to add to any room in your house.


Supply List


Paint brushes

Acrylic paint


Old book pages

Thin Sharpie Marker



Coordinating papers in a variety of colors