Fabric and Wax Mixed Media Canvas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Fabric and Wax Mixed Media Canvas

Bringing together and unusual combination to create a myriad of textures and colors.

I have always had an affinity for pretty fabrics and crayons, ever since I was little.  I just never thought I would find a way to create an art piece that incorporated them both so harmoniously.

How to create:
1. Begin cutting your strips.  You will need them in 1” and 2” widths, two colors of each size.  The exact number will vary based on the size of your canvas.

Begin cutting your fabric strips using the Fiskars Rotary Cutter and Ruler

2. Take two colors and alternate across the top of your canvas.

DIY-Fabric-and-Wax-Canvas-alternate fabric

3. Use stapler to attach the pieces to the back.  Only staple on end.

DIY-Fabric-and-Wax-Canvas-attaching fabric

4. Using the other colors, alternate them the same way down one side of the canvas the same way you did the top.

DIY-Fabric-and-Wax-Canvas-attaching other fabric

5. Now pull these tight and staple the other end, so that both sides are attached.

6. Trim the extra fabric off with your scissors.

7. Begin weaving the fabric, top to bottom and then staple the bottom to the back to finish the row.

8. Heat beeswax in melting pot.

DIY-Fabric-and-Wax-Canvas-weaving fabric

9. Sit canvas up and pour hot wax across the top, letting it run down and pool.

10. Using the hand held heat tool, begin melting and dripping various colors of crayon on the canvas as well.  I focused in the upper left corner and progressively lessened the amount as I moved down and right.

11. At the bottom, weave in some paper straws that coordinate.  

12. Add any embellishments you choose – I added coordinating yarn, fabric, and ribbon, as well as pom poms to mine.

DIY-Fabric-and-Wax-Canvas-adding embellishments

This project is fairly easy to complete, but does take a bit of time.  I love the end result, bringing together a myriad of textures and materials, utilizing happy and bright colors.
I hope you enjoy creating your version as much as I did!


Supply List



1 yard of coordinating fabrics

Box of crayons


Melting pot

Melting tool

Paper straws

Yarn and other misc. embellishements