Mixed Media Fox Canvas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Mixed Media Fox Canvas

Going with this year's trend I have to ask, what does the fox say? Create your own message board and tell us.

I don’t know what it is this year, but I too have succumbed to the fox trend and felt the need to get the furry little guy onto a canvas.  Plus, I knew I wanted to do it in a new and different way and include some chalkboard, which is another ongoing obsession of mine for years now.  

How to assemble:

1. Begin by painting your background grey and letting it dry.

2. While it is drying, print out your image in real size so that you can use it as your template for the materials.

DIY-Mixed-Media-Fox-Canvas-print out a template

3. Using your craft knife, carefully cut out the various pieces of the template.

DIY-Mixed-Media-Fox-Canvas-print out a template

4. Trace them onto the materials you want to use for each section.  Here’s what I did:
• chalkboard roll for the speech bubble

• copper flashing for his red coat, thick leather for his paws, ears, nose, and whiskers

• fuzzy white fabric for the tail and central body

• thick cork for his inner ears.

DIY-Mixed-Media-Fox-Canvas-fox close up

5. Once all of your pieces are cut out, lay it out the way you would like to assemble it, prior to gluing it down, to make sure the “puzzle” goes back together.  

6. Once you are happy, start adhering pieces, bottom layer – up.

7. Once the glue dries, season the chalkboard by rubbing it with the side of a piece of chalk.  Wipe it clean and write in your phrase.

I hope you enjoy this happy little guy as much as I do!  Happy crafting!

Supply List



Sharpie pen


Chalkborad roll

Thin copper flashing

Furry white fabric

Thick black leather

Think cork

Grey paint and a brush