Documenting My Life: Episode 3

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Scrapbook Layout

With one of the themes at Fiskars for the month of March being creating projects with mixed media, I was challenged to incorporate the theme into my Documenting My Life Series layouts.

Mixed media is artwork which has been created using more than one medium. Some of these mediums include ink, paint, collage, and oil pastels, but there are others, as well. In my own mind, mixed media is fascinating and complicated because, regardless of anything else that is used, I tend to think of it always incorporating layering and blending of paints, a media I am not familiar with and I am completely intimidated by.  Also, because this is a personal project for me, I want to keep it true to my own style which typically leans heavily on collage. So if the idea of mixed media also intimidates you, do not fear! I promise I will keep this simple.

My first mixed media project is the opening page pocket for week 5.

I began with stamping ink and the Fiskars Stamp Wheel. I use a lot of book paper in my projects, so I was excited to see Teresa Collins had designed some new stamps for the Stamp Wheel and that one of them is a bookprint stamp. I loaded the Stamp Wheel with the black ink cartridge and rolled it across a piece of white printer paper. (I am using printer paper when I can, instead of cardstock, to help reduce the bulk in my books since I do a lot of layering.) The stamp wheel works well for my style. If your aim is to get a perfectly aligned and consistently crisp, even impression, this tool may be a little frustrating for you to use. If your style is similar to mine and you like relaxed and slightly imperfect, this is a fun tool!


Scrapbook Layout


After rolling the bookprint image onto my paper, I cut a 4 inch x 6 inch section from it. I wanted to mute the print some to help the elements I was layering over the top of it stand out a little better so I grabbed a plastic shopping bag and my Mod Podge. I completely covered the stamped paper with Mod Podge and lightly pressed a single layer of the bag material into it. The idea was to have a texture to it so I did not smooth it out.  Tissue paper could also be used for this, but I think it's fun to use recycled packaging when I can.

Next I added some paint to my project. I used the chevron stamp from the Teresa Collins Baby stamp set and some red acrylic paint to stamp an image across the top of my bag-covered paper. Finally, I added some foam letters, a chipboard number, and a paper star. So I've combined stamping ink, paint, and collage into my piece. Very simple, but it still qualifies as mixed media and it flows well with the rest of my book. I'll save learning to layer and blend paints for another day and another project!


Modge Podge, Continuous Stamp Wheel on cutting mat


My next project is the opening page pocket for week 6.

I started with a manila file folder, cutting a 4 inch x 6 inch section from it. I included the tab at the top of the folder.


Scrapbook Layout


Using the Fiskars Compact Stamp Press, I aligned the day stamps from the Teresa Collins Calendar set in 2 rows on the grid and used black ink to stamp the file folder. I then brushed a light coat of cream colored acrylic paint over the surface making sure to apply lightly over the stamped areas. I layered more ink over the paint along the edges of the folder, using 2 colors of brown stamping ink, to give the piece a distressed look. Next, I used the same chevron stamp from the last project and stamped the upper right hand corner with it, but not the whole stamp. Since a secondary goal with Documenting My Life is to reduce my stash of supplies, I made a collage at the bottom of this piece using some of my many number stickers. A punch along the length of the tab with the Dots Border Punch, stamping my date range, and adding chipboard letters at the top and a scrap of printed transparency along the bottom completed my project. So, again, I combined ink, paint, and collage.


Stamp press


This is how week 5's completed 2-page layout turned out.


Scrapbook Layout


If you're following the series, you've read that each week I'm incorporating something that is a favorite in our house. This week it was a favorite drink of our boys and I used the Fiskars Fuse and the Tag die to diecut a shape right from the aluminum can.  To do this, I used the Fiskars Package Opener to cut the top and bottom off the can before cutting down the center of the can to create a flattened surface. If you do this, be very careful handling the can as you cut it. The edges are extremely sharp.


diecutting metal can


To align the can on the die so that I got the section I wanted within the cutting area, I cut a piece of paper to the size of the die and die cut the tag shape from it. I used that as a template, taping it to the can, tracing around it with a permanent marker, and cutting it out. I centered this over the die and ran it through the Fuse. The Fiskars hand punches will punch through thin metal, so I finished the tag by punching a hole at the top.


diecutting metal can


Here's page one:


scrapbook layout


And page 2 of the layout.


Scrapbook layout
scrapbook layout