Favorite Things Layout

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Favorite Things Layout

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Those might have made Julie Andrews' list of favorite things but mine include vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting, runny yolks in ramen noodles, and cheeseburgers from the Shake Shack. Food and I are good friends. I am lucky to live in a city where I have an endless supply of amazing food and restaurants at my fingertips. I created a few ideas for sharing my favorite things in a fun way.

The places and things I love are scattered throughout the island of Manhattan, so I created this fun layout as a guide to where some of them are. To keep it easy to navigate, I used my Fiskars punches as icons to represent the restaurants. I also created a little key to the map for anyone else who might take a peek at the layout. I printed out the streets along with the restaurants and connected the strips to the punched shapes with a little bit of twine.


For years I've picked up business cards from restaurants I've eaten at. I love that I have them for little reminders of the visits and also they often provide cool design inspiration. It's cool how a restaurant can represent itself so well on one little card.


My collection has grown quite large, so it was time to get it organized. I gathered them together to put in this easy flip-out guide. The first step was creating the covers using chipboard and decorating the front one with patterned paper and stickers. I used the Fiskars Cupcakes Border Punch to create a cute border and placed some white cardstock behind it.


After punching a hole in the covers and each of the cards with my Fiskars Circle Hand Punch, I created some dividers out of cardstock to keep them organized. I printed the alphabet onto little tabs, then rounded the corners with my Fiskars Small Corner Lever Punch and adhered them onto cardstock.


Then I added a jump ring to keep all the cards together. This makes it so easy to flip through and pull a card out if needed. I like that I've got them all in one place now! And delicious things get more delicious when you share them. My friends and I enjoy bringing each other little goodies or snacks from our favorite places. I created a cute (and inexpensive!) way to deliver a treat to a friend.


Starting with a plain lunch sack, I trimmed off some of the top and punched it with my Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch. Fold the top down to create a flap and punch two holes for tying string through later. I also created a fun vellum window by tracing a journaling box from the Fiskars Bracket & Journal Shape Template and cutting it out with my Fiskars Micro-Tip® Scissors. I stamped a piece of vellum with Fiskars Henna Petals Stamp and adhered it to the bag.


After tying twine through the holes to close it, I added a little tag created with my Fiskars Tag Lever Punch, Oopsie Daisy Squeeze Punch, and Loves Me Loves Me Not Squeeze Punch. It's an easy way to deliver something to savor. Hope that I've given you some fun ideas for sharing and savoring your own favorite things!