Let Them Eat Cake

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Let Them Eat Cake

This layout features some playful papers from Me & My Big Ideas in candy colors and lots of little details made possible by the fabulous Fiskars paper cutting tools!  

Several years back we were heading to NYC for a studio bead buy and our lovely daughter, Avalon, begged us to take her to Hoboken to visit the Cake Boss’ Bakery. She was (and still is) a big fan of the show and makes her own wonderful cakes at home. We agreed to take her, but when we arrived at the scene there was a line extending far up the block. It was over 90 degrees and we were famished, so we decided to grab lunch before braving the fray. Thankfully by the time we finished, the line was gone and we were able to walk right in! We bought Avalon a monogrammed cake, balking a little at the 40 dollar price tag, but I have to say the cake was delicious and the entire experience well worth the money. This layout features some playful papers from Me & My Big Ideas in candy colors and lots of little details made possible by the fabulous Fiskars paper cutting tools! I simply had to add a little bling and still...it needed something...so I “put a bird on it”...actually I put four birds on it, but who’s counting? You could put any stickers you like on it, birds, cupcakes, candies! I am a fan of clean and simple design, one too many gee gaws or widgets and you’ve lost me, but hey if more is more for you, go for it!


1. I used a circus style font in all caps to print the words “LET THEM EAT CAKE” at 48pt. in colors that coordinated with the papers. (There are lots of great online sites where you can get free fonts.) I printed out the other text in a clean, easy to read font (again in coordinating colors) in a 22 pt. size. The key is making sure your font is the right size to fit comfortably on the page elements.

2. Print text out and cut leaving a small border using the SureCut™ paper trimmer. Use the orange ruled paper to create frame backgrounds for each of the words/sentiments, cutting these on the paper trimmer for precision.

3. Use the Fiskars ShapeTemplate™ ‘stars’ edge on the striped paper to give it some nice curvature. I made an awning and two accents to fit the edge of the large square picture frames.

4. Cut the awning shape to 3.5”x12”. Cut smaller edges to 3.5”x1” at the widest curve.

5. Use the ‘circles’ template to cut out 4 1.5” circles using the circles patterned paper. Cut out two 3.5”x3.5” squares and two of the 4.5”x2.75” journal shapes.

6. The layout starts with the awning at the top of the page. Use Tacky Glue gunner to attach papers to the page. Place the squares, layering on the photos and left side striped edges; these should be a little less than 2” from the right edge of your layout. Add the circles to the right side of the squares evenly spaced from just above and below the square frames, they are a little less than ¼” from the right edge of the layout.

7. Add the journal shapes centering them to the left of each square shape about 1” from each square and 1” from the left edge of your paper. 8. Center and attach framed sentiments. Add birds to the top left and lower right corners of each journal shape.9. The text is angled to fit the width of the awning. Attach and finish the page by adding five crystals to the right edge of each word and one on each curve of the striped edges on your square frames.

Supply List

Me & My Big Ideas Sugar & Spice Mambi Sheets Paper Stack
Tulip Glam it Up PDA crystals (these are meant for cell phones, but the sticky stuff on back works great on paper too!)
Felt birds or other coordinating three dimensional embellishments
Aleene’s Tacky Glue runner
Publishing Software
Photo Editing Software