Fall Paper Mache Letters

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Fall Paper Mache Letters

Decoupage paper mache letters are a great way to make a decorative statement that you can easily change depending on the season or holiday.

1. Lay down wax paper to protect your work surface and to prevent the letters from sticking when covering the letters with glue.

2. Lay the gift wrap or handmade paper down on your work surface with the paper mache letter on top. Cut the paper to size, leaving extra space to wrap the back of the letter.

Fall letters cutting-paper

3. Brush the letter with glue and wrap as if you’re wrapping a parcel or package. Use a detail knife to make cuts in the paper for easy folding and continue to glue down all the folds.

Fall letters cutting-with-detail-knife

4. Fill in any gaps with small pieces of paper cut to size and cover the entire surface with glue.

Fall letters filling-gaps

5. Use the Autumn Flair Intricate Shape Punch to punch leaves from coordinating cardstock.

Fall letters intricate-punched-leaves

6. Press the leaves onto the wrapped letter, cover completely with glue and allow to dry.

Fall letters glue-on-letter
Fall letters decoupage

Supply List

Paper mache letters
Assorted papers, such as gift wrap or handmade papers
Coordinating cardstock for the leaves
White glue and sponge brush
Wax paper