Hydrangea Spring Wall Decor

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Hydrangea Spring Wall Decor

Spring is in bloom and there's no better way to celebrate an 'Ode to Spring' than to craft with lovely colors and tools. One of my favorite seasons, I love the colors that Spring offers, the beautiful blooms and the soft fragrance.

Robin Williams says that Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'" Oh how true. I love the adventure of Spring as things blossom and bloom. I love finding sweet birds nests with eggs soon to hatch. Spring is a lot about life and you might also say that of crafting and art as well. Like art, Spring radiates beautiful color, texture and movement. Christopher Morley shares that 'April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.' With that, letís get started on how to make your own Hydrangea Spring Wall Decor.



1. Remove the contents of the frame including the glass. Keep the paper from the frame as a template for the area in which you will create your wall decor piece.

2. Trace the 'frame paper' onto watercolor paper to ensure size of Hydrangea Wall Decor fits inside frame and trim.

3. Draw an oval with a pencil as your flower blossom shape. Don't worry if itís not perfect. That's the beauty of it.


4. Next punch several shapes with squeeze punches from patterned paper. These shapes will be used as the petals for the flower. This is an ideal project us use up your scraps.

5. Fold the punched shapes in half and then in half again. Crumple slightly and open them back up. This gives your petals and overall flower 3-D dimension.

6. With a thick coat of Mod Podge, cover flower blossom area (oval).

7. Place the 'petals' (punched shapes) inside the circle.


8. Next with a pencil draw a stem for your flower and leaves.


9. Using your drawn stem and flower as a template, form a piece of floral wire into the same shape. Trim with Titanium Snips (the Ultimate Crafting Scissors).

10. Once you have your wire shaped into a stem and leaves, erase the pencil drawing.

11. Trace leaves that are slightly bigger than the wire onto fabric. Cut out the fabric using Razor Edge scissors.

12. Secure fabric leaves behind the wire with embroidery floss and needle.

13. Secure stem with Mod Podge and hold down until attached.

14. Watercolor a garden for your flower.

15. Lastly using Fiskars Henna Petals and the Easy Stamp Press, randomly stamp in your flower garden.

16. Replace your Hydrangea back into the frame without the glass.


17. Enjoy your Hydrangea. You can create just one Hydrangea Spring Wall Decor piece or a couple to create a garden. Enjoy all the glory this season that Spring has to offer.

Supply List

Watercolor Paper


Floral Wire

Vintage fabric scraps

Patterned paper

Flora wire



Adhesive such as Mod Podge/Decoupage

Embroidery needle

Embroidery floss