Spring Party Backdrop

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Spring Party Backdrop

Create a cheerful party backdrop using accordion circles topped with foam pinwheels.

Accordion Circles:
1. Accordion-fold five 6x12 inch strips of cardstock every one inch beginning at short side.
2. Using hot glue gun, adhere all five folded strips into one long strip and connect ends to form loop.
3. Press in center of loop and use glue gun at center to secure (hold in place for a minute for glue to dry).
4. Run chipboard (dig through your recycling bin for cereal boxes) through the Fuse using circle or scalloped circle die.
5. Punch 1/4 inch circle near edge of circle for hanging with string, and hot glue circle to back of accordion circle at center. This allows you to hang the circles, but you can also adhere circles to flat backdrop such as foam core.

Foam Pinwheels:
1. Run assorted non-adhesive craft foam through the Fuse to create scalloped squares.
2. Add a slit at the center with a craft knife.
3. Cut from each corner toward center as shown.

Run brad through each corner hole and through center hole to secure.

4. Using 1/16 inch circle hand punch, punch one side from each corner as shown.
5. Run brad through each corner hole and through center hole to secure.
6. Hot glue pinwheel to center of each accordion circle.

Supply List


Hot glue gun


Craft foam