Trendy Cupcake Toppers

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Trendy Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers have become very popular, and I am going to show you a few shortcuts to achieving some of the trendiest looks using your Fiskars tools.


Pinwheels are definitely my favorite trend at the moment. They are just happiness on a stick! Here's how to create a mini scalloped version with a punch.

1. Punch an XL Square-A-Licious from double-sided patterned paper. A lighter weight paper works best.

2. Cut a slit from each corner toward the center, being sure to stop short of center as shown.


3. Add a mini glue dot to the center of front.

4. Fold up one corner of each flap toward center and adhere onto glue dot.

5. Repeat for all flaps and top with mini button adhered with another glue dot. Press down at the center firmly with the end of a pen to achieve a strong seal.

6. With one final mini glue dot folded, adhere pinwheel to lollipop stick, bamboo skewer, or toothpick.


Flags are everywhere and definitely one of the hottest trends going right now. Here is a super stylish option using pinking shears or edgers.
1. Trim a half inch strip of patterned paper to double the length of desired flag.


2. Apply adhesive to back side of strip and fold in half onto bamboo skewer or toothpick and press to secure.

3. Trim off end of flag with pinking shears or edgers for easy decorative edge.


My next favorite cupcake trend is edible design toppers. Fiskars stamps help make this technique fail-proof.
1. Stamp flower design repeatedly onto white paper.

2. Melt melting chocolates per package directions.


3. Place a sheet of wax paper over stamped design and pipe melted chocolate along design.

4. Add an M&M or similar candy at center and allow to dry fully.

5. Once fully dry, carefully peel from wax paper and insert into cupcake frosting.


My favorite trend is still the quirky mustache, even when it is completely random to the party's theme. These would be absolutely adorable for a boy baby shower. Luckily they are super simple to make yourself!

1. Fold a sheet of stiffened felt (available at craft store) and place leaf shape from Flowers template along folded edge as shown.


2. Trace design with pen or disappearing ink marker.

3. Cut out shape while still folded.

4. Unfold to reveal mustache and adhere (or hot glue) to toothpick.