Utensil Holder

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Utensil Holder

When facing the expense associated with pulling together a wedding, handmade place settings are a great way to pack a lot of punch in the beautiful category with very little cost.

With the Fiskars Fuse, I was able to use some kraft cardstock, and easy-to-find inexpensive materials like burlap, muslin, and felt, to make napkin rings, utensil holders that double as place cards, and coasters for just under 70 cents per person. An added bonus is these items are so easy to make that even a person with no crafting or sewing experience can assist you with making them.

Cut burlap strips

To make the utensil holders, begin by cutting 2 pieces of burlap, one 10 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches, the other 8 inches x 3 1/2 inches. Fold the top edge of the 8 inch piece over about 1 inch and stitch it down. Lay this piece on top of the 10 1/2 inch burlap piece, matching the 2 bottom edges. Using a zig-zag stitch, stitch all the way around the perimeter of the 10 1/2 inch piece. This will create the pocket for holding the utensils. If desired, stitch (only along the sides)  a piece of wide lace across the bottom.

Fuse cutout

From muslin, use the tag die cut and the butterfly letterpressing plate inked with stamping ink to cut a tag. In this photo, you can see that there is ink on areas of the plate that you would not want to transfer ink to your tag. This is typical of how my plate looked each time I ran it through my Fuse and the ink in those areas did not transfer to my tags. I shared this photo because I spent a lot of time trying to clean those areas of my plates before running them through my Fuse before I discovered that it is rare for it to cause a problem!

Add a name label printed on white paper and a home printer. Use a dab of fabric glue to adhere the tag to the utensil holder. Finish the utensil holder by tying an 18 inch x 1/2 inch piece of muslin around it. Trim the ends to make them even in length.

fuse napkin rings

The napkin rings are made using a cardstock tag that is letterpressed and die cut using the flower plate that also comes with this die.

Fuse widgets

Using a 1/4 inch circle hole punch, punch a hole in the center of the tag at both the top and bottom of the tag.

Folder burlap into napkin ring

If desired, a muslin ring can be added to the napkin ring for an added bit of stability and for visual interest. These are made by taking a 6 inch x 4 1/2 inch piece of muslin, folding it to 3 inches (tall) x 4 1/2 inches, and stitching the 2 ends together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Napkin Ring

To complete the napkin ring, lay the muslin ring on the tag (printed side facing down) and string two 8 inch x 1 inch lengths of a sheer material through the holes. Bunch six 4 inch x 1 inch lengths of the same material in the knot as you tie the 8 inch strip, pulling the ends of the tag into a ring shape.

Felt Coasters

The felt coasters are the easiest part of this set to create. Simply run a piece of craft felt through the Fuse using the scalloped circle die and you're done!

Supply List

Other supplies:
Burlap, muslin, wide lace (optional), sheer fabric, stamping ink, cardstock