Patriotic Duck Tape® 4th of July Candles

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Duck Tape 4th of July Candles

Who's ready to make patriotic Duck Tape® candles?  

Around my house, fireworks are a must for the Fourth of July, along with the grand old stars and stripes. Sometimes I have trouble finding chic items to dress up my home, which is why I make my own.

I purchased inexpensive candles from my local grocery store.

If you love glitter but don't love the mess it leaves behind, look no further. Duck Tape now has glitter tape that is not messy and easy to use!

One thing I love about the sheets of Duck Tape is that the back side has a grid printed on it. This makes it easy to cut a straight line, draw shapes or cut out squares. It is also a great way to draw out a letter or number. 

Duck® Tape Glitter and Duck® Tape sheets

The Fiskars® Duck® Edition Scissors makes cutting Duck Tape easy and mess-free. They cut like butter and are extremely sturdy, making every project quick and fun!

Fiskars® Duck® Edition Scissors cutting glitter Duck Tape

Duck Tape Tassel

Step 1: Lay a piece of tape sticky side up on a rotary cutting mat.

Step 2: Cut another piece of tape and lay it sticky side down on your first strip.

Step 3: Trim all your edges cutting off all exposed sticky pieces.

Step 4: Cut your strip of tape according to the size you want the tassel. If you are not sure, here is a hint: folding  your piece over like in Picture 4 shows  the  final length of your tassel.

Making a Duck® Tape Tassel step by step

Step 5: Once you are happy with the length of tassel (folded over) grab your scissors and cut small thin strips. Remember when you cut your strips to stop right before you get to the end that folds over. We do NOT want to cut from one end to the other.

Step 6: When done, fold your strip in half.

Step 7: Fold your strip again until it look like this. Cut a small strip of tape and wrap it around the top of tassel. This will hold it all together. I added a piece of baker's twine to the back of my tassel, then wrapped the very end of the strip around it.  Now we can hang this on anything!

Duck® Tape Fringed Tassel step by step

Candle Stars and Stripes

To get stripes, grab your sheet and cut directly on the grid lines. 

For the stars, I used my Prism sheet and drew stars on the back grids. Make sure they are not "perfect" since we want them to look whimsical. I used a permanent marker, but you can use whatever you have on hand.

I wrapped three strips of glitter tape around one candle. If you do this, make sure you place the strips as close to each other as possible. We want it to look like one full piece.

Candles decorated with Duck® Tape

I think you get the idea of this craft. It's just dressing them up and making your space feel fun and festive.

Duck® Tape Decorated Candles with tassels and twine

Supply List

Prism Duck® Tape Sheet

Red Duck® Tape Sheet

Duck® Tape Glitter Tape

Baker's Twine (Red, White, Blue)

Candles (In glass container)