Let's Go Glamping Banner

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Glamping Banner Decor

Bring some bling to Mother Nature!  "Rough it" in style! 

The term "glamping", meaning a glamorous approach to camping, is currently all the rage.   

This glamping banner definitely falls into the non-essential category, but wouldn't it make your camp site more cute? Touches like this can make your outing memorable.   

Begin by punching the top and bottom edge of two sheets of patterned 12” x 12” cardstock with the AdvantEdge™ Punch System and the Antique Lace largecartridge. From these sheets, cut nine rectangles measuring 4" x 5.5". 

Glamping Banner punching out the border using the Fiskars AdvantEdge™ Punch System

With your ProCision™ Rotary Bypass Trimmer cut nine 4" x 6" rectangles from a heavy, glittered cardstock. Next, cut nine 4" x 5" rectangles of patterned velum.  

Cut nine 6" squares of burlap with your fabric scissors. 

Glamping Banner bulap, paper, glitter paper and vellum rectangle pieces

Stick glittered letters to your velum pieces. "Let's go" in small letters goes on the first, then spell out "GLAMPING" on the eight remaining rectangles with larger letters. 

Glamping Banner adding glitter letters to the vellum

Use the 1/4" circle hand punch to make holes in the upper corners of all of your glitter paper, velum, and patterned cardstock rectangles. Use a small pair of scissors to snip holes in the upper corners of the burlap squares.  

Make nine stacks of rectangles containing one of each variety of paper and a piece of burlap. The glittered paper goes on the bottom, then burlap, patterned cardstock and vellum on top. Cut a three-yard piece of twine and thread your stacked rectangles in the appropriate order.   

Cut several scraps of ribbon measuring 9" to 10" and tie them to the twine in the spaces between letters. Punch several velum flowers and glue them to the ribbon tails with a hot glue gun. Glue a gem in the center of each flower.  

Glamping Banner add embellishments to make it glamorous

Add other embellishments to make your banner fancy and glamorous.  

Glamping Banner adding ribbon and gem centers

When you arrive at your campground or cabin, find a good tree or fence to hang the banner on, break out the champagne and start glamping!  

Glamping Banner Finished Decor

Supply List

Glittered card stock

Patterned card stock

Patterned velum


Glittered letters (large and small) 




Glue gun and glue sticks