Winter Mini Book Cover

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Winter Mini Book Cover

For me, winter is the best season to get my craft on. I love having a book on hand to journal my thought into and a mini book seemed perfect!

The Amplify® Mixed Media Shears are perfect choice to cut paper that has texture, like glitter paper for example. I also crumpled some vellum pieces and cut those with the Amplify™ Shears; they make it very easy to cut slippery vellum too!

I wanted to build a teal colored cover, so I chose some fabric and vellum to be my textures. The vellum adds a frost-like feel to the cover.

Winter Mini Book step 1

I then glued my papers and vellum on to the cover. I also added glitter paper and doilies to add some layers. I then used the Amplify® Shears to trim off the excess overhang.

Winter Mini Book step 2

I added some final touches like wood veneers and frilled paper … and then I was finished!

Winter Mini Book details

Supply List

Fabric sheets

Glitter paper



Wood veneers