5 Crafty Trends You Should Try

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5 Crafty Trends You Should Try

Want to try out the latest & greatest?

Try out these crafty trends today! Are you a trend-watcher? Are you the first one of your friends to try out the newest restaurant, wear the latest shoes, and watch the most current movies? You can apply that same zest for the latest & greatest to your crafting! Read on to discover 5 crafty trends that you should try now…



This trend has staying power! We first started seeing banners in home décor a year or two ago. Then they moved to layouts & cards. We love the versatility – you can combine shapes, sizes, and patterns to create a fun element of your own. Check out Fiskars Limited Edition Jenni Bowlin squeeze punches for a quick & easy way to create custom banners. We have several fun banners here on the site, including this Graduation banner and this gorgeous Spring Banner by designer Becky Novacek.



What’s a party without confetti?! This fun trend turns ordinary into exciting. User your favorite Fiskars scissors to create confetti flakes, or choose small punches to create seasonal confetti. Tuck inside a card for a fun (and a tad bit messy) surprise.

Designer Tania Willis incorporates confetti into a New Year’s celebration using a simple 1/4 in hand punch.

Chevron Stripes

This wouldn’t be a trend piece without mentioning chevron stripes, now would it? Use Fiskars Pinking Paper Edger to create your own mini custom chevron stripe! Simply trim both sides of a strip of cardstock to create each stripe. The, just layer onto your project for the ultimate in crafty fashion!

For even more Chevron inspiration, check out how designer Kendra McCracken created a chevron stripe pillow.



Wondering what the next graphic trend is to join chevron stripes? Hexagons! Used alone, they’re an interesting departure from a simple square. Grouped together, they create a fun honeycomb effect! To create your own hexagon, use the Flowers & Fun Shape Set to cut out a triangle, then trim the top & bottom points – you’ll be left with a perfect hexagon!

Designer Lisa Storms used hexagons in this fun Mother’s Day Brunch project.


Want to add a little newness to journaling strips? Use your favorite Fiskars scissors to create miniature flags for your projects! Flags are also showing up as embellishments in a variety of shapes & sizes. Adhere a small punched shape to a toothpick, and you’ve got a sweet addition to craft projects.

See how designer Lisa Storms uses flags to adorn cupcakes!