Repairs and Replacement Parts

Where do I get replacement parts?

Many (not all) of our products have replacement parts available (e.g. springs, locks, nuts, bolts).  Please contact customer service at 866-348-5661 or by email at to see if parts are available.

Please be prepared with the following information when you call:

  • Product model number, UPC code number or a detailed description of the product (color, length, etc.)
  • A description of the part that needs to be replaced


Where can I send my scissors to get them sharpened?

We do sell a scissor sharpener for a quick at-home sharpening.  For our razor edge, pinking, serrated or left handed shears, we would recommend contacting your local home hardware store, garden center, culinary store or craft store for a local sharpening service.

Where can I get springs and locks for my Softouch spring action scissors?

We can send you complimentary springs and locks for many Softouch scissor styles. Please contact customer service at 866-348-5661 or submit a warranty claim form

Is there a replacement blade for my bypass/guillotine trimmer?

We do not manufacture a replacement blade for our guillotine style trimmers.