Retractable Fingertip Detail Knife

How do I use this craft knife?

  • Slide index (pointer) finger through the loop
  • Grasp the knife’s handle just like a pen or pencil
  • To cut, move the knife over material just like a pen or pencil

How do I change the blade?

  • Turn the metal neck counter-clockwise to loosen the old blade
  • Carefully remove and discard old blade
  • Insert new #11 standard blade into the neck
  • Push the blade in completely and align it with the neck
  • Tighten the new blade by twisting the metal neck clockwise
  • Make sure the blade is positioned with the cutting edge toward the paper

What else should I know?

  • For best results, always use a sharp blade
  • Reposition your paper to avoid cutting at awkward angles
  • Be sure to apply the safety cap when the blade is not in use
  • Always use a craft mat when cutting