Cutting Mats

My self-healing mat has warped, how do I flatten it?

You can flatten the mat by placing a couple of cookie sheets in the freezer until very cold. Place your cutting mat on the counter and put the frozen cookie sheets on top and weigh them down with something flat and heavy. Leave them in this position until the mat has flattened again for a few hours. This will usually solve the warping problem. Do not use heat to try to fix this, heat will do more damage.

My mat has a funny odor, what is this?

The odor is caused by the self-healing materials and sometimes the odor can be very strong. There are some tricks to get the odor out:

  1. Wash the mat with a mild soap and let it air out. This may take a few weeks
  2. Spray Febreeze on the mat and let it air out.

Store the mat in a sealed container with some coffee beans or some crumpled up newspaper. Those two items help absorb any odor.