Katrina Simeck

1) How long have you been crafting?

Really, since I was a child! One of my first scrapbooks is from the 5th grade — photos and journaling in a magnetic photo album.

2) Why did you start crafting?

My mother is an artist and writer, and my father is a photographer, so I guess you could say that crafting is genetic for me!

3) How long have you been on the Fiskars® Design Team?

Since July of 2008.

4) What are your favorite craft activities?

Scrapbooking tops the list, for sure, but I also enjoy card making and (simple) sewing.

5) How do you define your crafting style/aesthetic?

Simple, simple, simple. I like clean lines and lean toward a more graphic look.

6) What is your favorite time of day to craft?

Late at night. Usually with a cup of hot tea and Grey’s Anatomy playing on my laptop.

7) What motivates/inspires you?

I love a well-written phrase, a soulful song and a breathtaking photograph. I'm inspired by stories and motivated to capture my own story along the way.

8) If you could only have one Fiskars® tool, what would it be and why?

Such a hard question! I'd have to say a corner rounder — life is full of hard edges, and it's nice to be able to soften them a bit.

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