1) How long have you been crafting?

“Officially,” in a work-related capacity, since 2004.

2) Why did you start crafting?

Scrapbooking introduced me to the crafting industry, and working with Fiskars actually helped me develop my sewing and quilting skills.

3) How long have you been on the Fiskars® Design Team?

From February of 2007 through January 2011.

4) What are your favorite craft activities?

I absolutely love to sew, and quilting is my first love, something I do the most “just for me.”

5) How do you define your crafting style/aesthetic?

Clean and colorful with a graphic edge. Color is always my starting point.

6) What is your favorite time of day to craft?

Anytime my children are sleeping!

7) What motivates/inspires you?

My scrapbooking is inspired by the cute things that my kids say and the family memories that I don’t want to ever forget. Getting those thoughts down on paper — with accompanying photos and a few cute Fiskars® punched shapes thrown in — is what scrapbooking is all about to me. On the other hand, my sewing projects are usually inspired by the endless assortment of colorful fabrics that I collect. I love to mix and match prints to create various small quilting projects.

8) If you could only have one Fiskars® tool, what would it be and why?

My 5" Micro-Tip® Scissors. They are so VERY versatile, and end up being used in every variety of craft that I do from scrapbooking to sewing.