Kendra McCracken

1) When did you first start gardening?

Around 1992.

2) What is your favorite plant in the garden?

Hands-down it’s the zinnia. No other flower requires so little care yet rewards you with such big, showy, blooms.

3) What is your proudest gardening moment?

The year I was finally successful at growing bell peppers was a relief! Bell peppers are my favorite garden food and I was frustrated at having so much difficulty with them.

4) What tool could you not live without in your garden?

What tool could you not live without in your garden? My most frequently used tool is my Fiskars D-Handle Compost/Mulch Fork.

5) What inspires you the most?

Nothing beats going into the gardens of others or a botanical garden to make you want to get out in your own garden or yard and make it more beautiful.


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