Robin Haglund

1) When did you first start gardening?

I don’t really remember a time when I wasn't gardening. I grew up in a family filled with avid gardeners and farmers, so odds are I was digging in the dirt well before I was even able to walk.

2) What is your favorite plant in the garden?

My favorite plant in the garden is always changing. One year, it may begin with a brilliant yellow Witch Hazel in winter, segue to a fragrant viburnum in spring, morph to a delicious tomato in summer and settle into a cotton candy-scented katsura tree in autumn. And the next year, I may find myself in love with an entirely different series of favorites.

3) What is your proudest gardening moment?

My proudest gardening moment has to be the day I was weeding in the garden, dreading returning to my high-tech day job the following Monday. On my hands and knees, covered in muck, I had an epiphany: “I could garden for life, for work.” When I opened my heart and mind to this realization, the world of professional gardening opened to me, and I’ve never looked back.

4) What tool could you not live without in your garden?

The first “tool” that comes to mind is my hands. Really, I couldn't thrive in the garden without them. Besides my hands, there is my bypass hand shears. If I had to, I could dig a hole with my hands. But there's no way I could complete my fine pruning without my shears!

5) What inspires you the most?

I find my greatest inspiration comes from my garden coaching clients. Helping them develop their gardening skills and grow with their gardens year after year reminds me that inspiring others to garden is what truly inspires me.


Robin Haglund, Founder and President of pioneering garden coaching firm Garden Mentors®, is viewed nationally as The Garden Mentor. She is an award-winning designer, an engaging speaker, and she dedicates much of her own garden to raising crops and plants to feed and educate others in need. Her articles and lectures are peppered with colorful anecdotes derived from her childhood on the farm, her daily adventures with honeybees in the garden and her everyday garden coaching experiences working hand-in-hand with gardeners to empower them in their personal garden spaces. Robin is a regular gardening guest speaker, bringing her horticultural insights to eager college audiences, professional industry associations, garden clubs and garden shows, such as the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Robin’s garden coaching, design insights, her tips for gardening with pets and her experiences with urban beekeeping are featured in several media sources including Organic Gardening Magazine, The New York Times, Sunset Magazine, The Seattle Times, Dog Park Wisdom, PBS’s “Growing a Greener World” and HGTV’s “Landscaper’s Challenge.”

To learn more about Robin, visit her website or her blog

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