Stacy Walters

Stacy Walters is a Registered Kinesiotherapist, Master Gardener, and budding freelance writer with a passion for green living. The development of Stacy’s brainchild, Fit to Garden™ , is the result of the fun-loving blend of her enthusiasm for her profession and gardening obsession.

An avid ornamental and edible gardener, Stacy encourages others to follow along as she GARDENS FOR THE HEALTH OF IT. The act of gardening, itself, is a comprehensive wellness program that effortlessly offers dynamic physical activity, creative expression, emotional reward, an enhanced connection with nature, a sense of environmental stewardship, nutritional awareness, and the satisfaction of cooking with the organic fruits of one’s own labor.

Stacy’s quest for knowledge in human performance and green living led her to become certified in holistic lifestyle coaching, Pilates mat and equipment training, group exercise, and personal training; she is also trained in senior fitness and breast cancer recovery exercise programming. With over 14 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, she currently oversees operations for 11 corporate wellness programs including fitness centers, health promotion, and health resource clinics.

After customizing countless wellness programs to increase employee engagement, camaraderie, and healthy behavior, Stacy decided to put her own true passion into practice at the corporate level and recently developed the Corporate Garden Coach™ program.