Gardening with ease

Our belief is that gardening should be a joy, not a struggle. PowerGear® tools are designed to make taking care of your landscape easier and more enjoyable.

Tree & Shrub Cutting Machines

The simple gears of these amazing cutting machines give you up to three times more leverage on every cut, so you can power through branches with ease.

Power through branches with ease

The first time you try PowerGear®, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to cut a thick branch. But it’s not magic — it’s physics.

Prune flowers, trees, hedges & more

PowerGear® technology is available in pruners, loppers and hedge shears, so all of your pruning jobs will be easier than you ever imagined.

PowerGear® Garden Tools

"We not only want to take care of our gardens but we also want to look out for our bodies and if there are tools out there that can do both, that is a win." Ahned Hassan Landscape Designer & Gardener

Gardening with ease

Our belief is that gardening should be a joy, not a struggle. Our PowerGear® tools are designed to make taking care of your landscape easier and more enjoyable.

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Superior ergonomics

Because PowerGear® tools multiply your leverage and cutting power, you’ll discover that the effort it takes to cut a branch is dramatically reduced.
This extra cutting power also means our loppers and shears can be lighter and smaller than traditional tools, reducing strain on your hands, wrists and muscles when you’re reaching to cut a branch or have a lot of branches to cut.
PowerGear® pruners feature a contoured handle with a unique rolling design that fits the shape and natural motion of your hand for easy, comfortable pruning.

Ease-of-Use Commendation

Many PowerGear® tools have been awarded the Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation®. But they’re not just for people with arthritis — they’re for anyone who wants to make maintaining beautiful trees and shrubs easier.

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PowerGear. Tree and Shrub Cutting Machines - Up To 3x More Cutting Power

Maximize your cutting power

The first time you try PowerGear® tools, you’ll be amazed. But it’s not magic — it’s the gears. Our patented technology multiplies your leverage to give you up to three times more power on every cut. This means you can power through thick branches that you wouldn’t be able to cut with traditional tools.

Smooth cutting action

Our blades are slim and sharp to glide through branches smoothly, fully hardened to stay sharp through heavy use. They include a special low-friction coating to cut without gumming up with sap and debris and resist rust for lasting value.

Rugged durability, lifetime warranty

All of our PowerGear® tools are designed for lasting durability and performance, helping you maintain a beautiful landscape year after year. They’re also backed up with a full lifetime warranty as a guarantee of quality.

Award winning pruning tools

Superior design from a legendary brand

Superior design from a legendary brand

Fiskars is known for developing quality, long-lasting tools — like our iconic Orange-Handled Scissors — that help people do the things they love. Our PowerGear® tools set the standard for pruning power and ease of use worldwide.

International product design awards

PowerGear® tools aren’t just loved by gardeners around the world — they’ve also earned awards for extraordinary design excellence.





Wolrd's Number One Pruning Tool

Choose the right tool for your task


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PowerGear Hand Pruer
Pruners (branches & stems)

Use pruners to make quick, clean cuts on flowers, stems, shrubs and branches up to 1" in diameter.

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PowerGear Lopper
Loppers (tree & shrub branches)

 Use loppers to power through thick branches up to 2" in diameter.

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PowerGear Hedge Shears
Hedge shears (hedges & shrubs)

Use hedge shears to sculpt and shape your hedges and decorative shrubs, or cut back grasses and perennials.

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Pruning tips

Many people hesitate to cut back their trees, hedges and shrubs — they’re afraid they’ll hurt their plants. The truth is, proper pruning can improve the health and appearance of your trees and shrubs while protecting them from damage.

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