PowerGear2™ Bypass Lopper

PowerGear2™ Bypass Lopper (17")

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Ease-Of-Use Commendation

You’ll be gobsmacked at how light and powerful these loppers are! Lighter, stronger and more powerful than anything you've ever used. A unique gearing mechanism multiples the cutting force by nearly three times over single pivot loppers. Razor-sharp, precision ground blades. Bypass blade design for cutting living growth. 1.5 inch cutting capacity.


  • PowerGear® mechanism increases leverage to make cutting 3X easier than single pivot loppers
  • Awarded the Ease-of-Use Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation®
  • Sharp, precision-ground blade edge
  • Fully hardened blade holds sharp edge longer
  • Corrosion resistant, non-stick blade coating reduces friction to make cutting easier
  • Ergonomic handles fit comfortably in your hands
  • FiberComp® construction-reinforced fiberglass composite materials provide strength and durability
  • Bypass blade-for clean cuts of green, living growth
  • Cutting capacity-1-1/2 inch
  • Lifetime warranty
  • For product safety warnings for this product, please click here.
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PowerGear 2 Bypass Lopper 17

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