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    The advanced design of our reel mower makes it 60% easier to push and offers an eco-friendly, easy way to mow your lawn.

    The StaySharp Max Reel Mower combines amazing technology with superior ergonomics to deliver best-in-class cutting performance without gasoline, oil, charging, the hassle of cords or the noise created by other mowers. It features an InertiaDrive Reel for twice the cutting power of standard reel mowers; StaySharp Cutting System to eliminate the cost and inconvenience of annual blade sharpening; VersaCut Technology for easy cut height adjustment to provide a clean cut on any type of grass, plus one-touch height adjustment for comfort and control; inset wheel design for ultra-close side edging without uncut strips under the wheels; and a unique grass discharge shoot for that throws clippings forward cleanly, away from your feet. The combination of these technologies makes the StaySharp Max Reel Mower 60% easier to push than other reel mowers, helping you get more done with less effort. 


    • The smart design of our eco-friendly reel mower offers a cleaner cut without the hassles of gasoline, oil, battery charging, electrical cords or loud engine noise
    • Received Popular Mechanics2010 Green Design Award and recommended by Consumer Reports over other reel mowers among other accolades
    • A combination of advanced technologies make the StaySharp Max Reel Mower 60% easier to push than other reel mowers
    • InertiaDrive Reel delivers twice the cutting power to blast through twigs, weeds and tough spots that would jam other reel mowers
    • Exclusive StaySharp Cutting System uses precision-ground, hardened steel blades to cut grass without touching, greatly reducing friction and blade wear for long-lasting performance without costly annual blade sharpening
    • VersaCut Technology offers cut height settings from 1"–4" to provide best-in-class cutting, even when you’ve missed a week of mowing, plus one-touch height adjustment for comfortable use
    • Inset wheel design allows the blades to extend across the full width of the mower to eliminate uncut strips under the wheels and edge closer to foundations, fences and borders than other reel mowers
    • Unique grass discharge chute throws clippings forward cleanly, away from your feet
    • Cuts all grass types, even tough southern varieties like St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bahia and Bermuda
    • 18" cut width
    • Limited three-year warranty


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    This reel mower is great! Hands down the best reel mower out on the market. No gas, oil, cords, batteries, spark plugs, filters, no mulching bags, no messy green shoes, no toxic fumes! My 12 yr old can mow the lawn very easy!


    I bought this mower in 2012 in a bid to get gasoline and oil and related maintenance out of the garage. The whole lot is about .3 acres with about 2/3 being grass. It is relatively hilly with very little actually flat terrain. I have enjoyed it and been surprised at how well it has held up for the past 3 seasons. Assembly was simply and the blades were checked to be found in perfect alignment. I only had to tighten one bolt recently on the handle that had worked it's way loose. My only problem with the mower has been related to my work schedule and not always being able to cut as regularly as I wish. The result being longer grass which it really doesn't handle very well and when fall arrives, cutting with leaves on the ground is problematic. Aside from the last point it has been a pleasure, even cutting the grass at 6am on a Sunday before church and no-one realizing that I was even out there.

    Happy Mom07/22/2014

    Just got this from Lowes and my teenager put it together and checked the adjustments in 10 minutes. He's been mowing ever since. Now we had a jungle out there because we moved into a new place and had no mower so it's been going for a month. Two passes on the highest setting and 2 on a bid setting has it looking like a lawn again. I went out to try it and was shocked at how easy it was to push as I am a newbie to this reel mower thing, I expected a serious workout. It was actually enjoyable. But the cherry on the top was my 14year old saying, "Mom let me have it back." Priceless. Waiting to see how it holds up.


    The idea of the mower would get 5 stars. Easy to assemble, yes. Don't have to mess around with gasoline, awesome. And get exercise, right up my alley. The disappointing reality of this product: I have to cut my grass in 4 different directions (basically crisscrossing; cut a path, turn and cut same path again...then I have to do the same thing all over again perpendicular to the direction I previously cut). Exercise I'm okay with, 2 hours of walking around a 0.2 acre yard twice a week is a bit exhausting. Second downer: one piece of mulch and the blade is destroyed. Third and most disappointing: what is with parts falling off or coming apart? All I want to do is mow my lawn without interruption... stopping to fix a sprocket three, THREE! times in one hour...I quit without finishing mowing my lawn. I never imagined 2 months ago I would resent this purchase as much as I do now.


    This mower is great. It's easy to put together & get started. I read plenty of reviews before purchasing. I read a few that mentioned the tall weeds will just lay down & the mower won't cut it. I was hoping this was not true. After my first test, it cut the grass like it should however the tall weeds remained. If there was an aftermarket product I could find that would grab those weeks & then allow the mower to cut them instead of laying down, I would get it. That is my only problem with this mower. This would be perfect for those with flat lawns that needs actual grass cut at least once a week. If it get too long, forget it. For me this is my weekend mower. If I wait two weeks, I have to break out my electric weed eater to finish it up. Handle the weeds, no problems. :)


    Best mower there is....NO GAS = NO WORRIES. I have been using this mower for 1 year now and when you set the blades correctly it cuts like no other. The dive mechanism is sooooo smooth. The only resistance you feel is each and every blade of grass being cut. Build quality is high on this mower, no cheap Chinese-esuim. Epoxy coated steel is at the heart of this mower. Great job Fiskars!!!!!!!


    We have about .33 acres of grass that needs mowing in WNY. The grass is very thick and grows for months at a rate of about 1 - 1.5 inches a week (ugh). This mower does the job. I don't keep the lawn pristine from sticks. Mostly I roll over the smaller ones and there's no snags that occur. It takes me about 45-60 minutes to do the lawn. Needless to say there's almost no maintenance. I aligned the blades when I got it last year and haven't needed to do it since. This is a great product. Truly revolutionary. It takes up little space and is light enough to store in the basement in the winter. I have a whole extra garage bay compared to my neighbors and at the end of the day I barely spend anything more than 15 minutes more on the lawn then they seem to. No emissions. No gas. No oil. No byproducts on your lawn from the big or small machines. I look at my lawn and it's healthier than it used to be. There's so many reasons to use something like this and there are very few reasons to not use it.


    My family and I just purchased this reel mower. We are new to reel mowers. I was a little bit more work, going over some of our longer grass and having to avoid low hanging vines, etc. that would cause to mower to cease rotating. For those of you used to using a push mower, there isn't a lot of difference. The reel mower will not shred any remaining oak leaves like a gas push mower. So, you'll need to take to rake all of your leaves. I let my son use the reel mower and he did a great job too. He's even talking about starting a lawn mowing business. Money and exercise for him, and reel mowing for his customers.


    Wow! 4 bolts, 4 nuts, 2 cotter pins and it was assembled in minutes. I tested the blades per the video instructions on this website and it did not even need adjusting. So I pushed this mower around my ordinary suburban fescue lawn with curved borders in no time at all and with ease. It did such a great job, so I pushed it around the front yard that has a slight hill or about a 3 1/2 ' grade from the sidewalk to level ground. I could not believe how well this product worked! I did not use a catcher. I will be purchasing the catcher for when I do not want to mulch and I will be ordering blade maintenance kit as well. Honestly I did not expect this mower to work so well and was expecting to return it to Lowes. I've never used a better mower, gas or electric.


    I bought this yesterday and used it today so first I would like to say that putting it together was super quick and oh so easy!!! Using it on my lawn was even easier and I only had to stop a few times to remove mulch I didnt see in the yard! Soooooo glad I bought this reel lawn mower!!!


    We own the Fiskars "Momentum" which appears to be the previous trade name for the "StaySharp Max" - photo looks nearly identical, and our owner's manual specifies "exclusive StaySharp cutting system." We've ran the Fiskars mower for 3 complete mowing seasons, plus a couple of runs just after purchase. This is our second reel mower, and there is no question that the Fiskars is far superior to the (admittedly less-expensive) first unit we tried, both in terms of Cutting Performance, as well as in overall Build Quality. NITS: Both of the front wheels are chipped & need to be replaced. (This was reason behind the visit to this site today.) To be fair, our back yard has numerous tree roots - and our former reel mower was knocked all out-of-whack by the end of 2 seasons. We've lost the Knob for the Height Adjustment Lever - several times. Alas, the last time it fell off it seems to have given up & crawled away somewhere! This is more of an Aesthetic problem than a functional one, as the lever itself continues to work just fine. Adjusting the blades can be a Fussy, Time-Consuming exercise - however, getting them at least Mostly Correct does result in much improved cutting performance. As others have noted, if you let your grass get Too Long, even multiple passes will not "Fix" the problem. This was a particularly problematical year, with a lot of Rain, and we finally had to resort to borrowing a neighbors power mower - albeit Only One Time. A reel mower simply cannot provide the "lift" of a power mower, which is required once the grass has grown enough that it simply bends over. PICKS: Note the 4 Stars given overall - despite the above "Nits" - this has been an excellent mower for over 3 seasons, and see no reason why it won't continue to perform well for at least that many more. (With new front wheels, hopefully!) Unless you are a health nut, this is probably not the mower for a 1/2 Acre lot, but for the typical lots in our area (Suburban SE MI) it does a good job.


    As the second season of ownership come to a close, this mower continues to perform well. I bought it last year for mowing between the bi-weekly visits by the lawn service. My schedule is to cut the back yard myself (mostly San Augustine) 4 times and the front (mixed San Augustine and Bermuda) 3 times and then let the lawn service do its two-week thing with the power equipment. You might have to play with the cutting height to get the best performance. We use the 4th notch from 1" in the back yard and the 5th notch from 1" in the front yard. Don't let the grass get too tall. The biggest challenge is keeping its "motor" well-tuned.


    Love it, although it took a while to figure out the best height for the handle. I do have an issue with this web site: I lost a cotter pin during assembly, can't find a place to order a new one.


    So far, we love this mower! No noise, no fuel, no fumes, no danger of my son losing a toe ... and it WORKS!


    I wanted so badly to use this product and love it, but after a season and a half I have just about given up. The concept is great, economical, environmentally friendly and healthy. Unfortunately, the execution lags behind. Assembly is easy, no problem there. Adjustment is not too time consuming. Getting the hang of the mower takes a little time, but you learn how long the grass needs to be, and how much you can cut with one pass. The problems for me are as follows. I've had so many random bolts and pieces fall off during use I cannot believe it. None of my other Fiskars products (and I have MANY) have had this problem. I am fully capable of assembling properly, that is not the issue. Problem number one. My second, and main issue is the simple ability of this mower to cut the grass. If your grass doesn't have a backbone made of steel, the mower will just push it over instead of cutting it. It doesn't cut completely either. I have to make multiple passes to ensure all the grass is cut, otherwise it looks like a 5 year old was mowing. If your yard has any bumps or roots or surface disturbances, forget about this mower. I thought my yard was pretty smooth, but this mower has brought to light all the imperfections. It refuses to cut, just bounces along making it look like the yard has waves in it. The idea of the product is wonderful. I am actually a little sad it did not live up to expectations. I like the brand and concept, but the execution is just terrible.


    I am in the second year with this mower. I have arthritis and am not able to pull start an electric mower plus have a fairly small yard so thought this would do the trick. I enjoy it and think it does a very good job as long as you DONT let your grass get too long. If you miss your mow and have a few rainy days and the grass gets away from you, you will have to go over areas a good three times, also don't buy that sticks will not stop you, baloney . A pretty small stick with stop you abruptly, and you will have to remove it. I also have had problems keeping the bolts tight, I have lost both bottom bolts and had to replace them and have to watch all the time or they work loose again, I just can't get them to stay tight. All and all I really am happy with the mower.


    Great product but blades get damaged easily. Have a Scott's Classic 20 inch reel lawn mower but needed to double cut the lawn to get all of the blades and therefore was looking to upgrade. I really like the look of my lawn when cut by Fiskars. I have only had this mower for 2 months but have had to file the blades 2-3 times due to burs caused by running over smaller pieces mulch from my gardens. I've never had that problem with the Scott's. Not sure if the Scott's blades are made of stronger steel or if there's more torque with the Fiskars. I believe it is the latter. Was able to file the blades but also found it necessary to adjust distance of the reel from the cutting bar. Lawn doesn't look as good as it first did. Concerned about the durability of the blades...


    I had recently purcahsed an expensive gas mower. I was totally unhappy with its' performance. So I decided to purchase a reel mower. After Countless hours of research I decided on the Fiskar Stay Sharp Max. All I have to say is I will never buy an expensive gas mower again. This mower is a breeze to push even through tall grass. I tested it out on my neighbors grass which had not been cut in 3 weeks and this mower pushed right through the grass. It did however require a couple passes, but I still finished the lawn probably faster than I would have with the gas bagger I had. The bagger would have bogged down and the chute would have clogged requiring clean up every pass. The Fiskar mower pushed right through and mulched very well No Clean Up Required.


    When I bought it and used it the first few weekends the grass in my lawn was growing slowly, and the mower only had a little bit of grass to cut. Last week it finally started raining in Colorado and the grass in my lawn took off, and grew to much for the Reel Mower to grab and cut. Instead it just pushed the grass over, leaving most of it uncut. I had to use my gas mower to mow the grass. I am very disappointed in the reel mower.


    I have owned two other reel type mowers. One is Brill - which might be a good machine - if you want a cut height under two inches which I do not. The other is a very low cost Mexican made reel mower which at least got me interested in human powered mowing but does not work very well. The Fiskars Reel Mower is an amazingly elegant, quite and effective mower. After receiving it yesterday, I assembled it and cut my approx 5000 sq ft lawn yesterday evening. It was a little hard to push for the first few hundred feet but then I think it loosened up. Our grass was tall - but the Fiskars could handle cutting slightly over two inches of grass (with some initial effort). As far as I am concerned the Fiskars mower is the most elegant, efficient human powered machine since the invention of the chain driven bicycle. The lawn, after being cut, is almost of golf course quality. It even cut the thin parts of the lawn under the trees better than my gas powered mower which I am now thinking of selling. However, I would not recommend this machine to someone who is not willing or able to do actual physical work.


    I purchased this at Lowes and I have regretted it since I assembled it. The handles are cheap and flimsy. During assembly the plastic connector ripped apart while screwing it together. It should not be there in the first place. Why would you put plastic on a mower and put it in a spot that creates flex? When it bends (every 3 steps) it ruins posture and momentum. I had to stop, readjust, and try to build momentum again. This is a really bad design. I will not be buying another Reel Mower like this. What a waste of money.


    I have owned this mower for about a year. First purchased it as the earlier model "Momentum". That mower failed, and Fiskars replaced it with a new one, this time the "StaySharp Max". Without a doubt I have to say that even though the first one failed, I am very pleased with this mower and the job it does. I have saved enough money with it for it to pay for itself a c few times over at least, and on top of that the replacement made me feel comfortable trusting Fiskars. I have had people stop and offer to mow my yard when they see me using it, and I have to laugh. I have also had people offer to sell (or loan) me their riding mower, and again I have to laugh. When I tell them I prefer my StaySharp Max, they are floored, but it's true. Easier, cheaper, better looking cut and a little light exercise. I'm not so sure it isn't just about as fast, either. Whatever the case, I am still thrilled with this mower even more than a year and a half after first purchasing it. Highly recommended.


    I purchased the Fiskars mower after my cordless electric mower's motor failed. I live in Soutwest Florida and have a Floratam (Bermudagrass) lawn. The Fiskars is less than half the weight of the cordless. I find that the physical effort is about the same or slightly less with the Fiskars. The lawn looks much better with a reel cut, as the blades of grass are sliced rather than chopped. It is a well designed piece of equipment, it is more relaxing to use, and it feels good to be "off the grid"-no gas, no electricity required!


    I purchased this mower after my self-propelled gas powered mower finally died. Surprisingly, this mower is easier to push, manuever, maintain, and I can mow late in the evening or early morning without disturbing the neighbors or my own dogs. I have actually had neighbors, and friends ask if they can try it, and they end up mowing half of my yard or more. I have had a little 60lb girl ask to try it (parent was present), and she had very little trouble mowing several long passes plus she didn't want to stop. My bermuda grass is very happy and green while my neighbor's yard with the same type of grass cut to the same length with a gas powered mower doesn't look as healthy or weed free. Oh, and there is no hand soreness like with a gas powered mower that vibrates the handle. It is best used to shave down the grass and maintain a good length once a week or three vs letting the grass grow tall then mowing short again once every month or two. I can cut my yard in less than 30 minutes or just do a touch up by opening the garage and pulling out the mower. There is no dealing with gas, oil, pull-string starters, noise, or odor. Once I am done, I spritz it with the silicon lubricant and park it back in the garage...done!

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