Ten Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners

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Ten Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners

With the holidays right around the corner, here are ten great gift ideas for the gardeners in your life.

Regardless of their gardening skill levels, these thoughtful gifts are timeless treasures that will be appreciated during the next growing season and beyond.

1) Green Thumb Gift Boxes:  Well-made garden tools – such as the Fiskars Big Grip Transplanter, Softgrip® Garden Multi-Snip and Power Curve™ Bypass Pruner – are always appreciated by gardeners. Box up gardening tools with a pair of Fiskars Ultra Light Kneelers to protect the knees with comfortable and lightweight pads that stand up to rough surfaces and moisture.  

2) Great Garden Plants:  It’s always nice to receive a living gift during the cold winter holidays. Consider favorites like amaryllis, spider plants or poinsettias in Fiskars Eco-Friendly Round Planters, which come in contemporary colors like purple, orange and moss green. The earth-friendly containers are biodegradable and made from renewable materials.

3) Fantastic Flower Arrangements:  A gorgeous vase – packaged with flower preservative crystals and a pair of Fiskars® Floral Take-Apart Shears – is a thoughtful gift for your flower-loving friends to enjoy all year long.  For extra wow -power, fill the vase with your favorite flowers.

4) Garden Accessories: From bird feeders to melodic wind chimes, there are plenty of attractive garden accessories available to delight all types of design tastes. Solar lanterns, colorful garden hoses or ornate trellises are just some of the outdoor accessories to consider.

5) Handy Help for Gardeners:  It’s no secret that gardeners’ hands really take a beating during the growing season. That’s why a handy gift for your favorite gardener is a gift basket with soothing hand crème, a pair of garden gloves and a gift certificate for a free manicure.  

1-Seed lovers Stocking Stuffer

6) Seed Lovers Stocking Stuffers:  From blue corn and micro greens to edible flowers, heirloom seeds make a great stocking stuffer for gardeners. For beginners, select seeds like salad greens, beans and squashes that grow well when sowed directly in the garden. Along with gift certificates to seed companies, consider giving a membership to the Seed Savers Exchange. The nation’s largest non-governmental seed bank is keeping our food heritage alive by protecting heirloom edibles of all types.

7) Gardeners Gift Bag: Whether it’s cleaning up autumn leaves, toting garden debris or storing laundry from the clothes line, a practical garden bag – like the Fiskars® HardShell Kangaroo Gardening Container – is an ideal gift for those with an active outdoors life.  The container folds up to only 3.5 inches, which takes up less room under the Christmas tree and in the garden shed – and then springs open when the lucky recipient needs to use it. Both tear- and mildew-resistant, this gardening container has a lifetime warranty, so expect it to lend a hand for many growing seasons to come. Ours was a big help during fall clean up this year.

8) A “Reel” Great Gift: Do you know someone who has been very, very good this year? Surprise them with a Fiskars® StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower. This best-in-class reel mower is 60 percent easier to push than other reel mowers, and even won over my skeptical husband with its clever design. The adjustable blade means this powerful mower handles a variety of different turf settings well. Best of all, you can say goodbye to gasoline, motor oil and annoying cords with this eco-friendly mower– while still getting the lawn appearance you want.

9) Don’t Forget the Kids: Whether it is nature books, children’s sized garden tools or a butterfly habitat kit, the holidays are a great time to excite kids about gardening and the outdoor world around them.  Available in all price ranges, these gifts rekindle a child’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder. That’s a valuable gift for children, who spend too much time with video games and television. Don’t forget to involve youngsters in food gardening, where they are more likely to eat vegetables they grow themselves.

10) Give Your Time: Sometimes the best gifts don’t cost a thing. Consider making and giving gift certificates for a free fall weeding session, a free spring weekend to divide perennials, or a free summer afternoon spent planting tomatoes.  Your time is precious, so this gift is especially priceless. Here is a link to print personal gift certificates.