Delicious Flavored Butters

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Delicious Flavored Butters

At this time of year, we’re always concocting delicious flavored butters with herbs and edible flowers from the garden. These garden-fresh ingredients add culinary excitement to late-summer meals, and couldn’t be easier to make.

A variety of edible plants can be used for your butters, including everything from basil, oregano, thyme and sage, to edible flowers like cheerful calendulas, violas and roses. The sky is definitely the limit! Starting clockwise from the top, these flavored butters include my Basil-Lime Butter, Calendula-Sage Butter and Italian-Inspired Butter.

Depending on the flavor combinations, I’ll often use these flavor-packed butters on everything from grilled corn on the cob and freshly baked muffins, to cooked pastas and sautéed vegetables.

Making Flavored Butters

harvest herbs at their peak

1. Harvest herbs and flowers at the peak of their freshness, early in the morning. Above I am harvesting ‘Amethyst’ basil with my Fiskars Softgrip® Garden Multi-Snip. This is a very handy and diverse tool, which can tackle everything from snipping herbs to ripping open a bag of fertilizer. But be sure to keep this tool in its free bonus sheath, when not in use, as the multi-use blades are razor sharp.

butter and basil

2. Mix one stick of softened butter with about 1/8 to ¼ cup of finely chopped herbs and edible flowers. As you can see, I’m using everything from ‘Amethyst’ purple basil to the classic green ‘Genovese’ in this butter.
3. Optional – Roll the butter on plastic wrap so that it’s one inch thick. Or, even easier, spoon into separate serving bowls as I’ve done. (See the first photo).
4. Store covered in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight so the flavors can meld together.
5. Stir again well, and then serve.
6. Butter keeps for a week in the refrigerator and a month in the freezer.

Fun Combinations To Try
Basil Lime Butter: Use ¼ cup of mixed basils and ¼ teaspoon of lime zest for this flavored butter, which screams summer. Delicious anywhere you would normally use basil.

Italian Inspired Butter: Mix equal parts of thyme, oregano and basil. Optional: a pinch of chopped garlic and freshly ground black pepper. Wonderful on pasta noodles, roasted potatoes, fresh breads and more.

Calendula Sage Butter: Combine petals of 2 calendula flowers with one large sage leaf in a cup of butter.
Optional: a pinch of orange zest. Try in everything from turkey stuffing to morning muffins and scrambled eggs.