Watering Your Garden

Watering your lawn and garden, especially during the hot summer months, can be a full-time job.

What to do When Rain Isn’t in the Forecast

Water wisely, and your garden will reward you with blooms once the rainy season and rainbows return.

Compost This, Not That

In the garden, compost is black gold. This homemade soil amendment brings loads of benefits to the garden, using free ingredients.

Water-wise Gardening

Choosing plants carefully and planting them where they will thrive is a fundamental concept of landscaping, and water conservation.

Water in the Garden

Learn how a water garden of any size can add a soothing quality to your garden.


Organic gardening is great way to save money, grow healthier plants and produce while conserving our natural resources all at once. Stick with our expert advice and we’ll show you how to save water, enrich your soil, fight pests and weeds without chemicals and so much more. Not only will your food, garden and lawn be healthier, you’ll also feel good about protecting the planet for future generations.

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