Handy Herb Container Ideas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Planting Herb Containers

Fresh herbs are pretty and delicious, as well as easy to grow.

Even if you only have room for a couple of flowerpots, you can grow an herb garden full of fragrant and beautiful herbs.

Many herbs can be grown from seed, but the easiest way to get started growing herbs in pots is to buy vigorous transplants. The handsome little plants will make an easy transition from the garden shop to a pot in your own back yard, and there’s no waiting; you’ll be able to harvest the day you plant.

Fiskars Cuts plus More cutting sleeve of a peat pot

All you’ll need is classic herbs, a bag of potting soil, and a large pot, window-box planter, or a small collection of medium-sized pots. Planting is easy.Make sure you have a pair of scissors or garden snips, a transplanting trowel, and a watering can handy. You can keep your tools in a Fiskars Bucket Caddy, stocked with Cuts+More™ scissors, Softouch® hand tools, and pruning shears.

Sun is essential for an herb garden no matter what you grow, but some herbs like moist soil while some tolerate drought. If you’re planting more than one herb in a pot, group them according to their needs. Parsley, basil, dill, and chives all need moisture. Thyme, oregano, rosemary, and lavender all tolerate drought.

Herb Container planting basil using the Fiskars Softouch trowel

Start with the essentials: parsley and basil are herbs that are perfect during the summer, especially when the tomatoes are ripe. Love the look of curly leaf parsley, but sometimes prefer to cook with flat-leaf Italian parsley?  You can grow both in a potted herb garden.

Herb Container Growing Thai and Italian Basil

There are several varieties of the ever-popular basil. Thai basil has a dashing purple stem and purple flowers, and a sharp licorice flavor; cinnamon and lemon basil have their own spicy overtones. They all grow well together.

Herb container garden growing curly parsley

Grow dill for its flavor, for its striking feathery foliage and for its beautiful flowers. Dill and parsley are host plants for swallowtail butterfly caterpillars. If you grow them, you can be sure you’ll have striking striped caterpillars, so you may want to make sure you plant enough to share.

Mint grows aggressively and will crowd more delicate plants, but what would summer be without the fresh taste of mint? Give it a good-sized pot all to itself. Growing mint in a pot is also good self-defense: when you plant it in the ground, it tends to spread, no matter how much you pick for iced tea.

Herb Container growing lavender

Thyme and oregano, both perennial herbs, will grow well together in a pot. In the course of the summer, they will mound up slightly and cascade gracefully over the edges of their container.

You can plant them with lavender or rosemary, which are both upright perennial herbs, to give the planting some height and because their flowers look so good together when they all come into bloom.

Watering Herb Garden with the Fiskars Easy Pour Watering Can

After planting, water your herbs well. Place your portable herb garden in a sunny spot but as close to the kitchen door as possible, so you can get in the habit of using them every day. The more you snip, the more they’ll grow.

Fiskars Micro-tip snips cutting parsley

Supply List

Classic Herbs

Bag of Potting Soil

Large Pot

Window Box Planter

Different Size Pots