Getting Organized for Spring Gardening

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Getting Organized for Spring Gardening

Happy Spring Equinox gardeners! Are you ready to dig in now that spring is really here?

Odds are you have the motivation now that days are a little longer and weather is slightly warmer, but have you gotten your tools and your garden ready for the growth surge that’s beginning right now?

Try these simple tips to get things in shipshape before the gentle emergence of spring soon becomes the vigorous growth of summer.

Have you gotten all of last year’s clean up chores completed? Besides raking up the last fallen leaves and cutting down any forgotten perennials, don’t forget to take your bypass shears to winter-weary evergreen groundcovers and ferns. Also, you might want to grab your hedge shears to easily shape your hedges. And, better late than never: there’s still time to saw limbs on some deciduous trees and shrubs before they leaf out for the season – that means berry bushes too! Just remember to respect the rules of pruning percentages no matter what you cut. Otherwise, with bad cuts you might find yourself needing to do a big renovation that can take years to accomplish.

Fiskars Rain Barrel in the garden

What about Water?
Early spring is a good time to call in irrigation specialists to check your lines after winter. If you have a DIY drip system, check the heads and lines for any cracks or breaks. Making repairs now means you’ll be able to irrigate with ease when summer demands it. If you’re collecting water in Rain Barrels, early spring is a good time to make sure lids didn’t move in winter allowing detritus to collect in your water bins. Also, check your seals and spigots to be sure you’re still saving every drop.

Stay Sharp Mower

Ready to Mow?
If you have a lawn, the season for cutting it is ramping up fast. Take a bit of time right now to be sure your Reel Mower is bolted up properly. Clean out any grass or dirt that may have collected during the prior mowing season. And, get out your Reel Mower Maintenance Kit to sharpen any heavily used blades and return your mower to like-new condition.

Fiskars Digging Shovel for Wood Chip Spreading

Got Mulch?
Mulching isn’t just a chore for fall! If your beds haven’t been top dressed with mulch lately, do yourself a favor and add a couple of inches of high quality composted mulch or wood chip now. Don’t worry: perennials will sprout up through this layer just fine. As well, all your garden plants will benefit from the nutrients this material releases into the soil, the protection it gives to delicate roots, and its ability to absorb and meter out water throughout the coming long, warm days ahead. Plus, you’ll probably have fewer days of pulling and cleanup ahead once this blanket of weed suppressant smothers out many weeds.