Make Your Own Perfect Garden Party Favors

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Perfect Garden Party Favors

Do you remember when we were growing up how we always had party favors for our friends to take home after birthday parties?

We decorated paper airplanes, put together bags of nuts and candies, or gave every guest a bottle of bubbles with a wand. Sometimes, we all made the favors together. It was part of the fun of the party.


Garden-party favors can be just as simple: it’s a pleasure to send guests home with a little something, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a nice gesture. Here are some ideas for easy favors for the guests at your next garden party.

Pot up some pretty herbs or flowers in little terra-cotta pots. Garden shops sell small pots in many styles, or you can look for them at bargain prices at garage sales. Instead of a plant label, write the guests’ names on wooden plant markers and stick them in each pot. You could even use the pots as place tags. A few six-packs of parsley plants, violas, dianthus, or lettuce will be plenty to send each guest home with a little token of friendship.

Fiskars Short Cut Snip

Everyone loves small vases: they are perfect for charming windowsill bouquets all summer long. Look for vases at thrift shops, or tie party ribbons on mustard or jelly jars to use as vases: they will look exceedingly festive. Pair them with pocket-sized snippers. Fiskars' Short Cut Snips are perfect for cutting flowers for quick bouquets and for clipping off the spent blooms of cosmos, zinnias, and other summer flowers.

A package of seeds is a gift with a future. Choose several packs of easy-to-grow flower and vegetable seeds your guests might like, and arrange them in a basket or flower pot, so the guests can take their pick. Nasturtiums, zinnias, basil, and lettuce are all good choices. Have a stack of seed envelopes handy (buy them at an office-supply shop), as well as a pencil, in case some might want to share with each other.

Perfect Garden Party Favor Plant Labels

Every gardener needs plant labels. Tall wooden sticks and decorative labels of all descriptions appeal to the instincts of organized and experienced gardeners, and to the well-intentioned beginner. Tie sets of labels together with ribbon or garden twine, and include a pencil or a felt-tip pen.

Perfect Garden Party Favors Potted Marigolds using a Fiskars Softtouch® Trowel

Don’t forget the kids. Kids love to make their own party favors, so set up a transplant station. Peat pots or small nursery pots are just the right size for fledgling gardeners. You’ll need some potting soil, a couple of Fiskars Big Grip Transplanting Trowels, pots, and a few six-packs of flowers. Marigolds are a good choice for kids: they’re colorful and easy to grow. Let the kids write their own plant labels. Have a watering can nearby so everyone can water their new plants before they go home.

Now you have created fun and inspirational party gifts that will grow on!

Supply List

Terra-Cotta Pots

Wooden Plant Markers

Packages of Seeds

Small vases

Party Ribbons

Jelly Jars



Felt Pen

Peat Pots

Potted Variety of Flowers

Potting Soil