Celebrate Trees with Arbor Day

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Celebrate Trees with Arbor Day

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago; the second best time is now,” according to the old saying.  That’s a good motto to keep in mind, especially around National Arbor Day in spring.

Arbor Day is an annual event, which encourages gardeners to plant more trees. The national tree-planting day happens on the last Friday in April. But some states celebrate on different days, depending on the best times to plant trees in their areas. For example, Louisiana celebrates on the third Friday in January. Further north, Maine celebrates on the third full week in May.

Arbor Day was started in Nebraska by J. Sterling Morton on April 10, 1872. On that day, an estimated one million trees were planted in the state, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. During the 1870s, other states passed legislation to celebrate Arbor Day, and today tree-planting days are celebrated in countries around the globe, from South Africa to China.

Palm Trees

There are dozens of reasons to plant trees in your home garden, including the fact that trees actually clean the air. Trees take in carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas) and release it back into the air as oxygen. If you plant an acre of trees, those trees will provide enough oxygen for eighteen people in one year, according to TreePeople.

Trees also provide homes for birds, bees and squirrels. They provide valuable shade in hot temperatures, and can cool urban environments up 10 degrees F.  In fact, you can cut your air conditioning costs significantly by strategically planting trees around your home.

Your tree investments really pay off. When you invest in trees for your garden and street, your property values can rise as much as 15 percent. But perhaps the biggest benefit to growing trees is the beauty they bring to your garden for current and future generations to enjoy.

Orange Tree

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