10 Great Perennials for Fall

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10 Great Perennials for Fall

There’s something about the garden in autumn that I find much more relaxing than spring.

Maybe it’s because the growing season is winding down or the weather is cooler.  Fall is typically a time when we get a second flush of rose blooms and often color that lasts until Thanksgiving.  I have a mixed border of shrubs, perennials, annuals and bulbs.  My goal is to have something of interest for every season, be it flowers, foliage or colorful bark.  And, while the plants don’t read the books or the calendar, I have found the following perennials to be reliable performers for fall in my region, Zone 7, Atlanta, Georgia.  Many of them thrive in other parts of the country, too. 

Amsonia hubrichtii- (pictured above) Also known as Arkansas bluestar, thistough award winning native is one of my favorite perennials not only in autumn but spring and summer too.  The willowy green foliage turns golden yellow in the fall and makes a great companion for asters and shrubs like beautyberry,Callicarpa americana. (Zone 6-9)

Anemonexhybrida‘ Honorine Jobert’- There is something elegant about white flowers. This beauty produces masses of 2 to 3 inch wide blooms on airy stems.  It also has handsome rich green foliage and clumps can get to be two to three feet wide.  Part-shade and a moist well-drained soil is best for this anemone. (Zone 3-7)

Perennials for Fall Aster-'Blue-Bird'-and-Amsonia-hubrichtii-

 Asterlaevis ‘Blue Bird’- (pictured above) Asters come in a wide range of colors and sizes, and bloom in summer and fall. One of my favorites, blooming in September to October, is ‘Blue Bird,’ with one-inch wide violet blue daisy-like flowers on plants that reach three to four feet tall. For an easy-to-grow tall aster, I like Aster tataricus, the Tatarian daisy.  It reaches six feet or more and doesn’t need staking. The blue to purple ray flowers, with yellow centers appear in late autumn, sometimes in November and last for several weeks. Full sun is best for both of these asters. (Zone 4-8)

Perennials for Fall -Begonia-grandis

Begonia grandis- (pictured above) This hardy, easy-to-grow begonia is perfect for the shade garden.  The pink flowers and green leaves with red undersides, brighten up the woodland in late summer to early fall. (Zone 6-9)

Perennials for FallClematis-'Arabella'

Calamintha nepeta nepeta- (pictured above) Also known as lesser calamint, it is covered with white fragrant mint scented flowers (with a hint of blue) all summer and into October. It loves full sun and attracts bees and butterflies. (Zone 5-9)

Perennials for Fall 'Farfugium-'Jitsuko's-Star'

Farfugium ‘Jitsuko’s Star’- (pictured above) For late fall, this perennial offers unexpected double yellow flowers and handsome foliage. (Zone 7-9)

Perennials for Fall 'Farfugium-'Jitsuko's-Star'

Kalimeris pinnatifida- (pictured above) Japanese aster is easy to grow and flowers for months, with double white blooms on plants that are one to two feet tall and wide. (Zone 4-8)

Salvia guaranitica ‘Black and Blue’- This sage produces dark blue flowers summer into fall and can reach heights of five to six feet. (Zone 7-10)

Perennials for Fall Solidago-'Fireworks'-and-Aster-tataricus

Solidago ‘Fireworks’- (pictured above) This native is easy to grow.  The yellow blooms look good with asters and fall fruited shrubs and trees like beautyberry and crabapple. (Zone 4-8)