Fairy-Tale Flowers

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


foxgloves and hydrangea

Fairy tales can come true in the garden!

Fairies are garden citizens of great charm and inquisitiveness, and they flit around among all the flowers in a garden, just like butterflies. Here are some of their favorite blooms: grow them with a child you love.

Foxgloves: A fairy could scarcely want a fancier hat than a jaunty, speckled foxglove blossom. Foxgloves bear their blooms on tall stalks, enough for a whole crowd of fairies. Both annual and biennial foxgloves bloom in spring or summer. They flourish in part shade and are easy to grow from seed.


pink hollyhocks


Hollyhocks: Fairies love cottage-garden flowers, the colorful blooms that seemed to flourish with little care in gardens long ago and far away. Hollyhocks, which bloom from summer through frost, are as charming as the fairies themselves.




Violas: Miniature flowers are right in scale with fairies, who find the bright colors of violas irresistibly cheerful. Violas often go to seed in the garden and come up again, finding their own, unexpected places. Fairies love this characteristic: they’re a little unpredictable, too.


bright orange nasturtiums


Nasturtiums: The round leaves of nasturtiums shelter fairies in thunderstorms, and provide ample shade from the sun in a summer garden. Nasturtiums are easy to grow from seed and thrive with little attention. The flowers and foliage are edible, as fairies are well aware.


the dandelion fairy


Dandelions: Don’t be too quick to weed out every dandelion in the lawn. The dandelion fairy admires their brilliant yellow flowers and, like a child, delights in making a wish and blowing the seed heads into the breeze.


red zinnias


Zinnias: Fairies appreciate many-petaled flowers on tall stems. From a comfortable seat atop the colorful blooms, they can survey a garden and gossip with the butterflies. Don’t worry about whether fairies can clamber up the stalks: they’re light as a feather and nimble jumpers. On the wings of a child’s imagination, fairies can fly.