Beginning Gardeners Series: March

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Child gardening

Earth Day was first celebrated over 40 years ago, in 1970.

It has since been celebrated annually on April 22 growing from 20 million participants in the United States that first year to what is believed to now be over 500 million participants annually worldwide. Earth Day is celebrated in many different ways depending upon individual opinions and experiences. For some, it is a passionate day of public activities aimed at drawing attention to personal beliefs and concerns about climate change. For others, it is a day to relax at home and do a craft or take a nature walk with their children for the purpose of remembering to observe the beauty of the sun and sky, the trees and the flowers.

With there being such diversity in opinions about things like climate change, conservation practices, and recycling practices, and the influence these opinions have on the debate over potential new laws that affect us all, Earth Day is a great day to stop and spend some time evaluating your own beliefs to determine what drives those beliefs. Are they based on any research of your own or they there because of the way you were raised or what you were taught by your 6th grade teacher? Starting with your own gardening practices is a good starting point. There is much information available on the differences between inorganic and organic fertilizers, as well as foods grown from genetically modified seeds or organic seeds. Both the type of fertilizer and the type of seeds that are used in your garden can have great impact on the quality of the food you grow for your family, and both are things you have much control over in your own gardening practices. Your research may lead you to dig deeper into the wide variety of topics encompassed by Earth Day, but even if it does not, you will end the day better educated about the options available to you with your own home garden.

If you choose to spend time on Earth Day delving into the vast amounts of information pertaining to the variety of topics Earth Day touches on, I hope you'll remember to also spend at least part of the day enjoying the beauty of the sun and the sky, the trees and the flowers!