Reel Mowers: A Smart Choice for Your Lawn, Your Health, Your Budget and the Environment

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Reel Mowers A Smart Choice for Your Lawn

Reel mowers are good for your lawn

  • Reel mowers promote greener, healthier lawns by cutting each blade of grass cleanly with a scissors-like action, minimizing moisture loss and exposure to disease
  • Conversely, gasoline and electric mowers stress grass by cutting with a tearing action that can leave a jagged tip and make grass susceptible to drying and disease
  • Reel mowers also eliminate soil and groundwater pollution caused by gasoline spills and accidental damage caused by dragging electrical cords

Reel mowers are good for your health

  • Reel mowers let you cut your grass without exposure to noxious exhaust gases, loud noises, uncomfortable vibrations or the hazards of power-driven rotary blades – including serious injury and damage caused by thrown rocks
  • Reel mowers also eliminate the risks associated with storing and handling the gasoline and oil and mowing around electrical cords

Reel mowers are good for your budget

  • Reel mowers cost nothing to operate — there is no gasoline, oil, electricity, spark plugs or air filters to purchase
  • Reel mowers require far less maintenance than gasoline and electric mowers

Reel mowers are good for the environment

  • Reel mowers are the most eco-friendly way to cut your grass
  • Gasoline mowers produce exhaust and evaporative emissions that pollute the air
  • Handling gasoline often leads to spill which cause soil and groundwater pollution
  • Electric and battery mowers, while more eco-friendly than gas mowers, still cause pollution — not in your backyard, but at the power plants that produce the electricity on which the mowers run